Add to Inbox via IFTTT

EDIT: JULY 2020 updated tutorial here: [Tutorial] Add to multiple inboxes! via any voice assistant! [IFTTT Webhooks]).

ORIGINAL (obsolete):

Get your API key and replace {TOKEN} below. In IFTTT set THAT to Webhooks and fill out like so:


Should be able to switch the THIS of the if THIS then THAT to antything IFTTT supports


Thanks a lot for sharing, George!


That looks promising. Can you say what recipe you are using in IFTTT?

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It works - I so far have email, Alexa, Google home, and Google watch sending to dynalist inbox.

You click make your own applet since there is no recipe since you have to paste your personal API key in.

Make an applet then click THIS and choose something like email or Google assistant or anything, then fill out the form, it’s straightforward.

Then it will let you click THAT and you search “Webhooks” and that’s the form I screenshotted. If you Google dynalist API documentation you’ll find your API key, it’s a long string you copy and paste like fjg74jrbdowjtbf7tbrkaifbrj.

Try it, hopefully I described it well enough and you don’t get stuck.


Aweome thank you for sharing that. :+1: If you guys are using IFTTT it would be awesome if you could recomment Daynalist as Service as well. Maybe it get’s added in the near future as “real” Service. (

I’ve tried this with the email service:

“If Send any email from [myemail], then make a web request” and am using the API key as recommended, but nothing is coming through.

Was it the email service or gmail you were using?

I emailed from Gmail

I see one trigger which is “If New sent email, then make a web request” but I can’t find how to customise it to one target email address.

I’m not following what you mean but my applet is called “If Send any email from, then make a web request” if that clears things up?

It also says
Created on Jul 22 2018
Last run Jul 22 2018
Run 4 times

Did yours say it ran a couple times? If not then IFTTT isn’t even getting the email in the first place

Apologies if I’m backward in this, but the trigger “New sent email” doesn’t seem to have an option to specify a target address.

There’s the issue. In THIS you don’t want to select gmail you want email.

gmail trigger monitors your gmail account for changes. so any email you sent anywhere will be added to dynalist.

email trigger watches for to get an email from your email address, and adds that to dynalist.

Yes, that’s why I asked about the trigger previously. I had the “email” trigger originally and it wasn’t working. The activity log is empty, even after sending to

I wonder if the issue is that my IFTTT email is different from the one associated with Dynalist. But I assume at that the API is all you really need for this.

I’ve check the details many times, but I’m stumped by it doesn’t work.

The activity log is empty, even after sending to

Focus on fixing that first. In the email trigger, it asks you what address to expect the message from. Check your sent folder that the email was TO: FROM: that address you typed in the trigger

my IFTTT email is different from the one associated with Dynalist

It’s fine if they’re different. The trigger just looks at all the emails its getting and finds the one from the address you told it to watch out for.

OK. The thing is that I was sending it from the appropriate email address but in a different gmail account (Send mail as…). If I log in under the same gmail account as I send the email address, it works. It must read the deep structure of the email to work out its originating address.

Now that I have it working, I’ve also created a trigger when I add a label to an Evernote note, which promises to enable a working system between the two.

Do you know if there is documentation about how to send information to the Dynalist note as well as the item?

ya its called note, same format as token and content, add it to the list in the same format

I’ve added note as below:
{“token”:"[MY API]",“content”:"{{Subject}}",“note”:"{{Body}}"}

When I send an email to the trigger with a Subject and Body, it appears successful in the Activity Log, but doesn’t appear in the Inbox. I’m interested to know if anyone has had more success with this.

If you have curl installed (all macs do) you can test the dynalist part on your own terminal, doing the same thing as IFTTT THEN webhooks

CONTENT="I'm a task" 
NOTE="I'm a note" 
curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data "{\"token\":\"${TOKEN}\",\"content\":\"${CONTENT}\",\"note\":\"${NOTE}\"}"

Worth a test just to be sure your send to inbox API works at all

Thanks, that’s frakin’ awesome!!!

It works more perfectly than I thought, it stripped the signature from the body of the email before adding it as a note to the item (the part starting with – and below).

I tried setting up an IFTTT trigger to add a task to my Dynalist Inbox every time I star an email in Gmail, but IFTTT is complaining there’s a problem with Gmail service.

Anyone else having that issue? isn’t showing any GMail problems.

If find that IFTTT does not facilitate debugging and often wonder if the problem is my trigger or my action - like did I bugger up the Dynalist API call in this case but IFTTT reports it as a Gmail problem.

well first see if the number of times the trigger ran number is increasing by 1 every time you do the thing, you see the number?

to debug if it is the trigger or the action just change the action to something else, like add a row to google sheets with the variable instead, leave dynalist out entirely, then you’ll know dynalist wasnt the reason

p.s. that is a clever idea to put starred emails in dynalist – can you send the url to email itself as a variable so the dynalist item is a hyperlink? I always kind of thought the integration with gmail was kind of cool, so your inbox is just tasks like any other, this might let dynalist have that same functionality, i.e. to send an email to ur task list u star then archive, so ur inbox is empty but its on your to-do list.

edit: you cannt get gmail email as url as a variable in IFTTT :frowning: kind of ruins it.