2018 New Year's Resolution Event (come and chat for a chance of winning lifetime Dynalist Pro)


My goal is to segment my work time more, so I can have more predictable finish dates - my problem at the moment is that I’ll start off the day doing one thing, and tend to side-track onto auxiliary tasks that also need doing, and will need to be done at some point in the project, but aren’t the most important right now. So, I end up having a lot of tasks started, and then some time later I get around to finishing them all. The problem is that, although I get everything done in the long run, I can’t say “I’ll have finished task 22 by next Friday”, because when I start off working on task 22, I’ll realise that I need to think about task 31 and task 43 aswell, and I’ll start working on figuring out how I’m going to achieve those, which I don’t actually need to do until later, well after task 22 is finished.

I think Dynalist can help with this by using it as an outliner - when I think of approaches I might want to take to future tasks, I can quickly jot them down, go as deep down the tree as I need to to get the thoughts written down somewhere, and then I know I’ve recorded my thoughts, and I can go back to working on what I started with. Then, when the time does come to work on those future tasks, I can come back to my notes and use my previous thoughts as a starting point.

That’s my plan, anyway!


In this year I want to continue educating myself on a wide range of topics. Dynalist helps me to organize my education and to record my learnings so that I can recall this information whenever I need it.

While Dynalist is already pretty awesome, I wish that it gets better in improving the experience when it comes to cross-referencing and having multiple views open at the same time.


I’d like to finish my PhD this year. I used Dynalist to create an outline of my dissertation and am using it now to keep track of what I still have to do.


My New Year’s Resolution is to be more organized and get more productive in my personal and professional life. Dynalist helps me to keep all the information in one place so I don’t miss or forget things.


My new year’s resolution is to stay focused and organized in the areas that are most important to my life:

  • My Kids - their health, growth, and happiness
  • My Relationship - to grow in love, attachment, and understanding
  • My Work - to be efficient, professional, productive and lucrative, to make the lives of everyone I connect with better
  • My Family - to stay connected to the resource of grandparents and community
  • My Friends - to keep the relationships I cherish through the business of starting my own family and forwarding my career
  • For Personal Growth - to keep learning, growing, and enriching my life
  • For Milestone Goals - Buying a House, Paying off debts, creating financial stability, fostering healthy environments for my children to be in, and to exemplify in a healthy communicative relationship for my children to observe.


Actually stick to using a todo list and note taking application for the year.


Rather than setting goals that rely on willpower for the whole year, I’m going to try something new this year:

  1. Visualize myself and my life at the end of the year. What accomplishments will I have achieved? (Eg ran 2 half marathons, weigh xx lbs, etc)

  2. Plan in 21-day sprints with those goals in mind. This will force short-term progress. Of course, Dynalist plays an integral part in this!


I want to finally finish my degree and get a job so that i can move out of my parents house.


It actually consists of a website and two podcasts, on Japanese and mostly in Chinese.

BTW, my Dynalist is packed with random thoughts on unborn episodes. :slight_smile:


I will refactor my roles, goals, projects, and areas of focus using Dynalist.


My new year resolution is optimize my activity as consultant and my new rol as a Research Center Director in an University in Argentina. I create a new design in dynalist con manage my todo’s and time more productively.


One of my New Years’ resolutions is improve my reading habits so that I take better notes and retain more information of what I read. I’m using Dynalist to take notes then trying to work out a system with tags to remind me when to review the notes.


In 2018 I want to stabilize my life through making a living with full-time job and seeing where it goes from there. Dynalist can surely help me as a brainstorming, note-taking and planning tool, sketching long-term goals down to short-term to-do’s, straight from the big, perspective dreams.


I want to begin a new blog, and I’ll use Dynalist to help me organize the investigation and writing of the posts.


Here is my few things:

  1. Release IOS Game.
  2. Replace hall and part of kitchen furniture with custom self made.
  3. Finally find a balance between family/work/personal time.


My New Year’s resolution is to automate the boring parts of my life so I can have free time to do what matters, which is giving back to my community, and Dynalist has been one of my indispensable tools for that! Thanks for the lovely work you’ve always done!


Mine is to do one thing I’m proud of this year 2018. I’ve been a slacker for way too long.

Just f**king do it.


My goal in 2018 is to watch one new anime series each month. I actually started in December with Ergo Proxy, now I’m on to Welcome to the N.H.K :wink:


My goal in 2018 is to get a job. To do this, I use dynalist to create an enterprise list and collect job data.


I just finished the first semester of my senior year of high school, as well as all my college applications, so my resolution is to keep my grades up for this last semester, but to avoid stressing too much 'cause the hard part is over. Dynalist has definitely been a big help – it’s where all my class notes and essay outlines live now. Thanks for this chance and this application!