2018 New Year's Resolution Event (come and chat for a chance of winning lifetime Dynalist Pro)


My New Year’s resolution is be more productive in all senses.


Resolution: To create more bullet points of good stuff in Dynalist, and use that organizational power to rule the world


I also love the simplicity of Dynalist, and can’t wait for the API to be able to do more custom things with it!


“Viva La Vida” starts to play in my head after reading your resolution. Love your ambition.


My new year’s resolution is to increase my study times and study harder for my entrance exams. I will use Dynalist to take my study notes! I find the tree-like outlining system to be just perfect for my note-taking!


My New years resolution is focus to use one task project and outline system and do the right projects for work and with my own business this year.

I think Dynalist has the Power to help me to focus on my Areas for my projects in the right moment and right place.


My resolution is to spend less time planning and more time doing. I want to give up on perfection and actually start doing stuff. I want to live mindfully and make the most of every day. As a new user, I hold high hopes that Dynalist can help me clear the clutter from my mind and help me find my way.


I know it’s pretty classic, but I realized near the end of the year that most of my personal inertia came from this fear of failure despite a powerful desire to do something with this life. I’m growing old, but the discontent with living remains still. I hope that this awareness moves me to action.


My plans for the year 2018 include:

  • establish a review process to regularly check in with my goals
  • improve in introspection
  • improve in non-violent communication
  • build more meaningful connections with people
  • improve my productivity
  • boot my career


My last years achievements that I did on my free time :slight_smile: 2017

  • Work stuff → improve workflows with airtable + adobe indesign catalog things, learned some database related items and excel VBA processing.
  • Wrote excel VBA macro for airtable [wow its at 174 downloads :)]
    (https://community.airtable.com/t/bulk-image-downloader-and-renamer-using-excel-vba/4913) for bulk image downloading+ renaming→ Learned Excel VBA
  • Wrote stylish theme for dynalist 170 downloads → Learned CSS selectors
  • Finishing 280 items in freecodecamp
  • Finish 10 courses on lynda.com github or so
  • Got 300 reputation on stackoverflow in 1 year! and wrote 50 questions, learned how to properly format a good question.
  • 7 months of training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, but I retired it after getting a back injury
  • I did my first outdoor mountain climb!
  • I couldn’t do full chest dips before, but now i can needs date stamp
  • Couldn’t really do a unassisted chinup before, but now I can needs date stamp
  • Learned lots of new useful software tools - AffinityDesigner, dynalist, airtable, directoryOpus, etc
  • Learn to write better formatted blogs work in progress
  • habit -> 30 days of programming nonstop and continuing +
  • habit -> 90 days of anki flashcards almost every morning
  • habit -> One whole year of weekly sprint journalling with dynalist! (also this marks 1yr 2 months using dynalist I think)
  • I built a home gym setup (Minimal Space). I should post this on my blog later.

My new year’s resolution 2018

  • Do a full gymnast L-Sit spent 4 months trying this, cannot do yet /r/bodyweightfitness :muscle:
  • Do a full unassisted pullup wide grip
  • Do a full pistol squat
  • Do a skin-the-cat row pull
  • Do an unassisted handstand may not happen this year
  • Finish freecodecamp frontend certification things + possibly more of it down the road
  • Build a todo-mvc app on watchandcode.com About 40% done
  • Rebuild blog again by learning writing a custom underscores wordpress theme. Alternative is to build my own jekyll blog from scratch
  • Possibly build a NAND2tetris app and finish CS50 to learn basic comp sci + potentially more indepth courses (design patterns, data structs). Teachyourselfcs.com if I finish some things early.
  • Finish some other courses (few from “You don’t know JS like ASYNC”) to have so I can have a better depth of frontend tech (HTML/CS / JS)
  • Learn React and NodeJS and build a test app from it. Other libraries as needed
  • Write more expressive code using airbnb javascript styleguides
  • Haven’t really put too much thought on personal projects, I did want to use dynalist API to make a table-of-contents scroller though. From there who knows ¯\(ツ)
  • I need to build more meaning connections to friends / family and meet more people. I have a non existent social life atm partially when i stopped Jiu Jitsu training, work and hobbies too time consuming
  • Other Maybes, possibly not-goals (Learn Vagrant + linux + php + lamp stack, make some money on cryptocurrency exchanges, learning PHP in greater detail / laravel, picking up haskell / learning more python, making some python projects on the side, Possibly make youtube tech tutorials, if only my annoying smoke alarm would stop beeping (it requires a scissor lift to acccess) and also people tell me i have a stoner voice so that doesn’t help).
  • Learn the ukelele (I have one coming next week~!)
  • Finish 2 work project website stuff
  • Buy an olympic bar and a power-rack, I need a bigger home gym
  • Habit: Post a blog about something at least once every 2 weeks, probably Saturday morning

I have this set on tabsnooze to see if I accomplish any of this next year. Also I put my workout routines on hold since I pulled a neck muscle, had bad form and lifted too much in cold weather.


I’m finishing my thesis, and trying to figure out how to do some good with what I’ve learned — and it’s all organized in Dynalist!


One of my New Year’s Resolution is to have a healthier life (gain a better physical fitness, eat better food etc.). So Dynalist can help me in organizing notes and searches about these thing.


Dynalist is my :boom: SUPER-POWER :boom:
I resolve to use this power for the GREATER GOOD
To steer projects back ON TRACK
To keep my customers DELIGHTED
And to turn thoughts into ACTION
Right after my next cup of coffee


I’ll be your friend, Vincent! :smile: I like you already. www.facebook.com/dsayer


Like other people here I am self-teaching to code, I am using Dynalist mainly to manage my notes and code projects, journaling and to be honest to store almost everything that can be stored as a list.

This year I want to finish freeCodeCamp, but a bigger project I want to work on is…facing fears. Big and small, I wrote a list of things I don’t feel comfortable doing or just want to avoid, I think it will be help me a lot so I am planning to do those one at a time while documenting the experience with the usual bullet points.

I am also writing a kind of manual chatbot taking advantage of the zoom feature and nested lists, not the best achievement for a coder but it works :smile:


My new year’s resolution is to complete a quiz for job. That’s really important to me.

I use Dynalist to take my study notes. I feel the tree-like mode to be just perfect for my note-taking.

I also use Dynalist to manage my life on all aspects. I set an inbox to collect everything I need, and then rearrange/assign to different lists. That’s very helpful to me.


New Year’s Resolution:

  • Improve German to B2, at least
  • Make one episode of Japanese podcast per month, on average
  • Land a more meaningful job, make books, per haps


I’m using Dynalist with a friend to meet a 2018 goal of capturing and writing about our ideas and experiences on being a better dad. We hope to use the outlines we’re creating to launch a blog to do just that.


Share your podcast name/link maybe? :smiley:


My New Year’s resolution is to use Dynalist systematically to get a good overview on all my projects, writing, organizing, studying and teaching. Break the bigger tasks into small chunks, and do one thing at the time. Prioritize, and carve out time for the Most Important Task everyday.

Thank you for creating such a great application that I use daily!