2018 New Year's Resolution Event (come and chat for a chance of winning lifetime Dynalist Pro)


My new years resolution is to write EVERYTHING DOWN. I find the best way I learn is by writing things down, visual guides, etc. I used to think that it was weird to just write down my thoughts. This year in college, I will write down every. single. one. of my thoughts. and organize them as I go. Dynalist’s document system is the best note taking platform I’ve used, hands down. Dynalist will help me organize and file all of my thoughts, cleanly and efficiently.


I want the ability to choose to hide/unhide an item, not just when it’s checked off and controlled by the view option to hide or unhide the checked ones.

For example, sometimes I noted something down, but the action is not to be taken till like a few months later. On this occasion I mark a date on it, but wish I could hide it first. And when the time comes, it shows automatically.



Hi Kevin, is that your new year’s resolution, or a feature request? If it’s a feature request I recommend posting it to the feature request category.


Since the wonderful moment when the Workflowy was revealed to the world, I became a fan of this miracle … But now the DYNALIST appeared … and my heart was torn … I really love Workflowy, but I’m crying and leaving for Dynalist … :heart_eyes:


My new year’s resolution is to finish two chapters of this book, which currently exists as a giant Dynalist outline!


A resolution for this year is to reduce the number of apps in use to simplify and increase focus, use only the great ones to my workflow like Dynalist (hoping to addition of features like web capture, recurring dates and jump to).


My new years resolution is to organize all movies I’ve seen.
And I’m hoping for

  1. a short-cut to insert url link to selected text, with the text in clipboard (in desktop/mobile app).
  2. better management tool or function for uploaded files.
  3. list of back-links or reference counter for uploaded files.


My New Year Resolution is simple to state, but hard to execute on: Stop procrastinating and postponing things until later, and get them done now instead👌


My New Year’s resolution is changing my job to a software developer.
I need to get my life organized and getting things done persistently.
Therefore, Dynalist can help me keep my tasks organized, capture any incoming tasks and new thoughts.
The re-organizing power of Dynalist is supreme.
With multiple tags as context, I can implement the Getting Things Done method in Dynalist system.
Thank you for providing such a useful tool for the community!


Finish and release our first game!


Cool! What is the game about? Or is it secretive?


My new year’s resolution is to finish my Ph.D thesis and submit the papers I’m working on, a lot of which I do in Dynalist.


One of my resolutions is to read more physical books. I’ve placed that goal in a visible spot in Dynalist, and I’ve broken out subtasks (the books I want to read, also tracked in a separate DL document). Also tracking progress — every week, logging how often I read, and any nice tidbits I took away from the book I was reading as a sort of commonplace log. Dynalist rules :muscle:


This year I want to use the least amount of apps. To concentrate my tasks and activity in one place. Dynalist seems to be the ideal app for that.


My new year resolution is to start my career as Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. I am going to launch my first Seminar Event in mid of February 2018. Happy New Year. Keep rocking!


My new year resolution is to make a major overhaul on my life by developing new skills, applicable on my personal and professional areas. I’ll be using dynalist to create a backbone for my productivity system, with catalogs of books/courses, plans for projects and list of actionable steps for proper measurement of progress.

Happy New Year!


This thread has become a kind of public accountability exercise :slight_smile:

You should ask this question again at the end of the year Erica to see what has been achieved.


My resolution is to finish my thesis, and I use Dynalist to keep track of things I need to do collaboratively with my advisor.


My resolution to this year is to become a great professional and organize my life so i will achieve all my goals without a problem!


I was thinking about this too… hopefully that doesn’t hurt (making people look at their New Year resolutions).