2018 New Year's Resolution Event (come and chat for a chance of winning lifetime Dynalist Pro)

Hi friends,

2018 has arrived! :seedling:

What is your New Year’s resolution, and how can Dynalist help?

Comment below for a chance to win lifetime Dynalist Pro! The winner will be picked randomly.

Simple rules:

  1. Event ends on last day of January (midnight EST January 31st, 2018).
  2. You can comment multiple times and reply to others’ comments, but you don’t get higher chance of winning by submitting more comments.
  3. Be friendly to each other! :cherry_blossom:

My New Year’s resolution is to be more organized for both personally and professionally, so I created few lists from todo to work knowledge. Thanks Dynalist for the great site and hope it help to achieve my goal. Happy New Year everyone :slight_smile:


Dynalist helps me catalogue my hoarded content. In the age where we have ebooks, comic books, web serials (novels), TV (mini series galore), Movies, Mangas, Webtoons and whatnot it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what you have and what you don’t. When you have that sorted out, then, if you have consumed it or not.

I’d like to see more @read tags than last year.


I’m a writer and a publisher and use Dynalist a lot for writing my books.
My new year’s resolution is writing good books by which readers could get knowledges and make better life.
And I think Dynalist would help me a lot achieving this. :smile:


My big three categories are taking care of myself, organizing myself, and pursuing my hobbies. Dynalist is already helping me: I have a 300+ line to-do list that I’m slowly chipping away at already. :smile_cat:


My resolution is to learn lots about leading-edge branding, SEO, marketing and business-building practices while taking and referring to tons of notes with the help of my trusty sidekick, Dynalist! I love Dynalist! :smile:

Thank you, Dynalist team! :heart:


My New Years resolutions are about my two selves: Work and Personal. I have two Dynalist documents, one for each of my personas. Sometimes there are overlaps, eg I need to do work projects at home, but in that case I just copy a link to the other document :grin:

In each realm of my life I take time every year to freely let my mind dream big - what are my biggest goals, without limit? And I jot those down. Then I make another pass, maybe later when I am feeling more analytical. On this pass I make subordinate points, breaking down the components of reaching my goals. The outline format of Dynalist is perfect for this.

Finally I tag and reorganize (usually with keyboard shortcuts) into short term and long term goals.

The exercise of mapping my thoughts like this is very beneficial. The point is not necessarily to achieve every item on my lists, but to understand and organize my own thoughts. When I mark something in my plans as complete, it is rewarding, but the real purpose of making resolutions for me is that it gives me a sense of purpose.


My New Year’s resolution is for three categories: daily life goals, work goals and personal learning goals.
I will get married with my girlfriend.
I want a new job which paid better.
I want to get my coding skills to do things quickly.
I organize my goals and each step to the end at dynalist, thank you, developers.
Best wishes to everyone to have a better life in the new year!


Thanks for opening this topic, I really have something on Dynalist & my personal resolutions to share.

One of my 2018 resolution is try to create a Context-based Personal Information Management Workbench base on Dynalist.

It might be very hard to illustrate my points merely in words & pictures, but I will try my best.

Being a generalist learner and blog writer, I want to keep my broad, discreted & scattered interests in organize.

But I heard someone said: “interests are very peronal and experience-based, how can I manage these things with Dynalist?”

My quick answer to this question is: “Indeed, I cannot manage my conscious experience directly, but I can manage cues / hints / mind-activating notes with Dynalist”.

Oh, let me STOP confusing you with abstract concepts, JUST see the following screenshot!

To help you understand my point, I did some auto-translation trick. And I’m so sorry for turning TOASTERMASTERS Club into Head Horse Club [from Chinese 头马俱乐部]. (BTW, I’m a TM member from Tianjin, China. It would be a suprise to meet more TM member here. )

In this picutre you can see, using User-Defined CSS, I turned Dynalist’s outline appearance into a Cards-embedded-within-Card apperance

This Cards-within-Card idea is from many source, Google Earth, or yEd Diagram Editor’s Group-within-Group, but IMO one of the most vivid example is from The Matrix, please see the following GIF:

Imagine every screen behind Neo’s back as a Dynalist outline, and each outline is recursively enterable & viewable, so the trails or footprints of one’s conscious experience can be roughly recorded into Dynalist.

If you can understand Neo’s “choices in The Matrix”, you should also be able to understand my “Cards-within-Card” metaphor.

If you can understand my motivation of doing this, it’s not hard to understand what I need to do with Dynalist to realize my “Context-based Personal Information Management Workbench”.

  1. I need to wait until User CSS feature to come out, so that I can use Cards-within-Card interface on all my devices as well as Desktop Clients
  2. I need to wait until Dynalist Official API to come out, so that I can access all my “Cards” inside Dynalist and produce some alternative “Frontend View” to satisify myself
  3. I need to improve my NodeRED javascript code to generate more & more useful report from Dynalist’s exported OPML (And I hope Dynalist team can consider this kind of features), please see the following screenshots (Generate Markdown from OPML):

  4. I really expect to have Genuine or True “Clone of Outline” feature in Dynalist, rather than using [[ to create a simple wiki-link. (I cannot see the content of the “remote” outline before clicking the wiki-link)
    (I have seen True Clone feature in PiggyDB and Eastgate Tinderbox ).
    The experience is when you access and edit the cloned outline, it’s just like accessing & editing the original outline, the modifications to both outline is synced simultaneously.
    In Eastgate Tinderbox, there is also an Outline-View which is highly similiar to Dynalist, but this App is not Cloud-based, not available on Windows/Linux and cannot sync to mobile devices. (You can see someone explains it in details in this blog article )

To @Erica : I have updated this post and added some key information.


My New Year’s resolution is to use Dynalist as my one list app to rule them all. :smile:

I’ve been a long-time user of Workflowy, and I’m excited to see many of the Workflowy pain points addressed so elegantly in Dynalist.

For example…

  • Capture to Inbox
  • Faster bookmark navigation
  • Markdown integration (specifically for internal and external links)
  • Move to…

…all are game-changers if you’re managing a ton of different files/lists.

How can Dynalist help?

For those wanting to make Dynalist the one list app to rule them all (like myself!), being able to quickly capture email to Inbox is an important one.

Being able to forward an email to Dynalist and have it captured, makes it super easy to track. At some later point, I know to reply to the email or create tasks from the email.

Keep up the great work!


Not my new year resolution but my life’s challenge is to blur the lines between my work and hobby so I could spend more time with my family, consciously living here and now, than chasing time and money. I take this year as a new bend in the road to take advantage of new beginnings and make the best use of it to focus more and get to where I wanted. I occasionally do practice the being ‘here and now’, so in that sense nothing stops me, but time still rules me - I am going to reverse that this year.




My 2018 is all about growing and learning! I’m focusing on learning more about Anit-O in a Canadian context, Dynalist is great for process all the things I’m learning into action steps and plans. I’m also going to be starting to job hunt and Dynalist is great for keeping on top of all the jobs opportunities and next steps!

Thanks to all the developers who make this product great :heart: :sun_with_face:

Whoa, I didn’t know you could send emails to dynalist, that’s awesome! I’m going to have to figure that out :smile:

I’m a student, and this year I will start (just started) using Dynalist to organize all of my research notes.
I already use Dynalist for various personal lists and notes, but being able to write down the logs of the research work I do every week, and then also have comments on papers I read, and then also having a list of future directions to go all in one place will make all my thoughts much more organized.


I’ve only been to my university’s TM club event once, but it’s cool!

I seriously think you should repost your post in Share & Showcase later, after you’re done with it. It hurts to see it (potentially) gets buried here.

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i’d like to do things more intentionally, and that means having a solid grasp on the things i value, and like to do. that means, living with greater organization. make time to do nothing, but do so intentionally. one of the main things, is to read more - and I take copious notes when reading. I’m already 2 books into the year, and have used dynalist to organize my notes!!


I have two babies and Dynalist will be critical to keeping myself productive in 2018. That being said, the list that I look forward to the most will be my notes and thoughts around what’s going on in the world. My resolution this year is to write letters for my kids and share when they grow up.

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That’s amazing, keep it up!

December 31st, 2018

Dear Diary,

I’m tired.

After traveling for 6 months on a shoe string budget, reading over 40 books, writing a dozen of long-form articles, delivering 2 major projects and getting in shape, I’m tired. But I like that feeling.

I am tired, but I don’t want to stop.

I remember what I told myself at the beginning of this year and among other things - it has helped me take decisions and make choices. What I told myself was a quote which goes something like:

People overestimate what they can do in a week and underestimate what they can do in a year.

I kept it small on a day to day basis, and now, when I look back… man have I came far. :slight_smile:

Signing off. See you next year.


This year I determined to become a leader, not a boss. I found that I, myself, need to be properly organised first of all.
As a normal user, I feel that Dynalist would help me a lot in this point if the extra function is available for me.
Single organising tool with extra thinking time secured!

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