2018 New Year's Resolution Event (come and chat for a chance of winning lifetime Dynalist Pro)


Get my self in ripped shape :muscle:. A solid workout routine chart and tracker is the secret to success.:innocent:


OMG do share that in Share & Showcase if you haven’t done so already! (If you’re comfortable doing that, of course.) Sounds like it would be useful to other people as well.


My resolution this year is to be much more productive and organized. Dynalist is so helpful with this goal, I really hope to win this!


One New Year’s Resolution for 2018: keep a detailed daily journal at work. Dynalist looks really good for this, and it’s working well so far.


This year I want to keep my thoughts in order and keep my creativity always on. Dynalist has already shown that it is the most appropriate tool for I organize my information out of the brain and turn my ideas into projects.

A good year and a path full of smiles for everyone! :four_leaf_clover:


My resolution is for this year to be better.


My New Year resolution is to be more focussed on things that matter to me. I was looking for a clean notepad kind of tool to structure my thoughts and ideas in a way I could rearrange and sort it at all levels. Dynalist is a nice tool that helps me do exactly what I was looking for



This year I will try to slow down…

  • save time by organising my work tasks using Dynalist

  • spend more time in the vegetable garden, and keep track of what’s happening there using Dynalist

  • find some time to get back to some night sky viewing using my telescope, and use Dynalist to keep track of my observing

Cheers, Stephen


Doing a life audit and revisiting my personal and professional plans and life across multiple areas. The result is a set of resolutions across all kinds of areas from my personal life and relationships through to work. Dynalist is fantastic for this and for tracking many other things. I love it


This year, I have three goals. First is to write a book. I’ve been “working on” this book for two years. I need to actual work on it. :slight_smile: Second is to be a more organized instructor. I’m teaching four classes this semester, but only two at a time, two are totally new preps, one is a new format, and they’re all fully online. I need to do a better job tracking student issues. Finally, I need to be better about gifts. I’m not terrible, but I get ideas and forget them, both for me and for other people. Then when the time comes, I don’t have any ideas to give other people for myself and I forget to buy gifts until too late and can’t take the time to shop for the good stuff. So, a running Dynalist document with gift ideas and reminders, a taggable to-do list of student issues, and an expandable book outline seem like the ways to get stuff done!


Hi. I just arrived to this platform. First thing I’ll do is to write down all of my “wildest dreams” to turn them into projects I want to complete this year. I expect Dynalist tools to be useful organizing, scheduling and tracking progress on them :smiley: I’m so excited!


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to retain more of what I read. I’ve created a “Book Notes” document with an item for each book I read, tagged with the author and subject. Under each item I’m recording a summary of the book, its table of contents or my own outline of the major points, and quotes I want to remember. Michael Hyatt has a number of posts that have informed my system. Of course, it’s bound to evolve with use.


My New Year’s resolution is to more disciplined, and manage my in-between time better. Dynalist helps me to organise my goals, my todos and my notes like never before. I’m basically running my life out of it.

Thanks for creating such an awesome product! :slight_smile:


@Erica I can get your point.

Just want to follow the topic and give you how I appreciate Dynalist and its features in my personal perspective. It has some potential to support Writers, PR workers, and TOASTMASTERS PR fellow may be interested in it.

I will start a new topic when I have time. :smile:


Find moments of joy every day. Do the things that bring me those, for else, life will pass me by.


My new year’s resolution is to complete an important exam.

I use Dynalist to organize my knowledge.
As the outliner app has very structured specific, it takes me to rearrange my studies easily.

I used Workflowy in the past, and I decide to use Dynalist now because of more feature.
I hope I would win the award of lifetime Dynalist Pro because it’s a powerful tool.

Thank you, Dynalist team!:grin:


I like the simplicity of Dynalist. Creating outlines when I’m reading a book or learning new materials also serves as a form of output, I’m surprised how it improved my comprehension. I find the different styles you can put on the content (bold, italicise, as code, etc.) very helpful.

I would like to use Dynalist more in 2018, for reading and learning. :slight_smile:


My New Year’s resolution is to stop motivating myself with guilt and sense of obligation and instead do things because I want to do them. I have a habit of losing sight of how my short term goals work help me toward my long term goals which causes me to find them boring and either only do them out of a sense of obligation or not do them and feel guilty for it. This isn’t very good for my wellbeing or productivity, so it’s something that I want to change during the coming year.


My new year’s resolutions:

  • pull through with training and meditation for one year straight
  • adapt a more focused forward-planning morning and evening ritual
  • sleep a mean time of 7 hours per night


MAN, that struck a chord! Awesome resolution, I am all in!