2018 New Year's Resolution Event (come and chat for a chance of winning lifetime Dynalist Pro)


My new year’s resolution is to study for my college using Dynalist because I figured out last month that it’s the best way that worked for me.
Thanks, Dynalist Team.


Am trying to get on track with some daily exercise. Am halfway through January and it keeps rolling.
Happy :wink:


My new year’s resolution is to use Dynalist as a supra-application to house every project that I am working on.


I step into this list way to organize all of my items in my mind since 6 months ago first with Workflowy, then later I know there is significant competitor in this domain named dynalist.io.

For new year resolution, I would take some time to start farmilar Dynalist.io because it is much rich(or complicate) than workflowy does. I call it is rich because Dynalist even create two different icons for bookmark/star , actually they are for one something thing. That prevent me to fall in love with Dynalist.io.


My new year’s resolution is to make improvement of my pet projects major part of my daily routine.


My New Year’s resolution is to win lifetime Dynalist Pro! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My 2018 will be about balancing input and output: Not only learning and integrating knowledge, but using that knowledge to create/produce something new. Dynalist could work as an “everything” inbox for the input part and as a brainstorming and structuring tool for the output part.


My #1 goal on my New Year’s resolution is to get a proper job that makes me happy.


If this were a competition in cheesiness, I would be a top candidate. One of my new year’s resolutions is to loose a few pounds of body fat. :slight_smile:

And Dynalist does help me achieving this goal. I’ve done a ton of research (googling) on dieting and obesity. And Dynalist stores my notes on that as part of my knowledge base.

And in practice, Dynalist is also a) my to-do list so that I don’t forget what I want to do, and b) my log so that I don’t forget what I already did.


one thing im planning to do this year is to try using more open source and self-hosted services instead of online services like google calendar/contacts/spreadsheets, dropbox, evernote, feedly, pocket and many others.

theres a ton to choose from so im writing down the pros and cons of each one in dynalist to make it easier to choose the best replacement for each service.

from what i can tell, there isnt any self-hosted outliners out there so it seems like dynalist is un-replaceable :smiley:
even if there were any they probably wouldnt come close to the same features that dynalist offers anyway


My resolutions are

  • Eat well and work out. I started the /r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine.
  • Pray more.
  • Budget better.


My New Years Resolution:

Be a Man.


Sure, I’ll bite, though all the good ones have been taken.

  • Spend more time with my family and less on my phone, criticize people less
  • Get more sleep every night (not doing well on this one so far)
  • Less time on the internet, and more reading & learning
  • The usual: exercise, eat better, drink less :slight_smile:


My overarching (and somewhat vague) resolution is to be more mindful–recognizing how I spend my time, evaluating whether what I’m doing is meaningful/useful, and adjusting habits accordingly.

I’m a daily Dynalist user, and I know there’s a lot I can do to more effectively utilize the service to help me realize this goal.


My year 2018 resolution:

  • Get a girlfriend (a decent looking one)
  • Making more profit in stock investment (like 10% of my fund)
  • Create a useful website for my colleagues and I to use.


I have several resolutions, and I’m using Dynalist to record my progress with them and manage the different aspects :slight_smile: For example, I’m using it to note my strength progression and workouts, and I’ve written a script that can take the OPML files and create graphs out of them for seeing progress!


Ambitious. We’ll see what the RNG gods have to say about that! :1234:


This year my resolution is to use a bulletjournal.com to organize my life and Dynalist seems to be the ideal tool to implement my goal.


My goal in 2018 is to become substantially more productive. In order to achieve this, I have to be more organized and here is where Dynalist Pro comes into place.

Last year I decided to become more organized, and even though I did not accomplished my goal entirely, I’m certain I laid some strong foundations. One of those was to establish my daily-use tools and apps for notes, tasks, reminders, documents, etc. since I had lots of information scattered in different apps, places, etc. as I love trying new apps and software.

Dynalist Pro made the cut and I plan to master this tool this 2018, as I have decided to make it my go-to tool for: quick notes, meeting notes/minutes, to-do lists, agenda, business development (e.g. lean canvas) and anything else I can download from my brain into here that can later become an actionable task, reminder or event, hence saving me time of using different apps for the same purpose and help me centralize and link scattered information in one place/app.


I want to release my first bigger open source web project with the help of Dynalist as a project management tool.