Do you have similar needs as I do while using Dynalist / Workflowy /

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The topic I posted on Jan. 16, 2018 is quite wordy, implicit and hard to understand, cause I focused too much on my personal subjective experience about using Dynalist. Today, I will try to clarify the purposes and needs I have while using Dynalist / Workflowy / I hope you can share your ideas as well. :grinning:

When I use Dynalist…

  • I am trying to organize my scattered thoughts and notes, in order to reach this ideal state: Keep Found Things Found
    • This is very easily done in Dynalist / Workflowy /, by searching, tagging and zooming-in & out.
    • I’ve created several Cheatsheet in my Dynalist documents and they saved me a lot of time. :sunglasses:
  • Based on that, I am trying to organize it more delicately into an easy to review and easy to re-navigate structure, in order to reach this ideal state: Simply By Navigating Through It, I Can Resume / Re-activate My Working Memory (of some tasks or projects)
    • This is not so easily done in Dynalist / Workflowy /, because none of them provide “True, Interactive, Both Readable & Editable Clone”, Dynalist is better than the latter two products, because it considerately provided 3 key features: [Go to Anything], [Move to Any Place (without losing current focus)], [Cross-Link to Anything Right (without losing current focus)]
    • Another minor problem is, the default skin or theme of these outliners are not good for “differentiating current focused item and deeper or shallower items”
  • I am also trying to 1-Click export my Dynalist documents into an Non-Linear eBook (not conventional PDF / epub / azw / mobi / chm type of eBooks).

I will append more thoughts about this topic when necessary. Here I need to say thanks to @Erica and your team for opening this forum and promoting disucssion. I’ve read your blog post We have used WorkFlowy and we liked it. However, we think that there are a lot of things that could take what WorkFlowy is doing to the next level, so we built Dynalist., and I believe (with so much evidence) many people are expecting it to happen in real. :sunglasses:

Can you explain what this means please.

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  • What Dynalist has implemented is similar to “Link” in YouMinds Composer.
  • What I mean by True Clone is similar to “Reference” in YouMinds Composer.

  • References allow you to re-use objects at different places without copying.
  • Changes to one object are reflected among all referenced objects automatically.

I think @pimgeek is referring to being able to have the same node appear multiple times in the outline. This is sometimes referred to as “cloning”, but might be better called “references”. Its primary feature is that changes to any one of the cloned items are immediately visible in all the other clones. It’s a bit like symlinks in file systems.

There’s a detailed discussion of the idea over here:


yea that’s important

not sure of any good or effective solutions aside from information consolidation, and condensing info

@pimgeek please edit the explanations and other stuff into your post, it’s too wordy

and cut out the clutter

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