[2] ✪ Phrase Express - Date functions & why to use them

Currently, I am employing the following rules for my notetaking:

  • All notes have a #unique_date_identifier, either on the bulletpoint itself or its parent bulletpoint
  • All notes have one or multiple @generic_tag_identifier, either on the bulletpoint itself or its parent bulletpoint

The reason I do this is because now all my notes are searchable by day and by project / generic tag. Also because these rules are enforcede, I can automatically process out gantt charts using python scripts into excel CSV

For dates, I generally don’t use the “!” operator, because I reserve those to make quick google calendar events and meetings

For dating an item using the “#” operator, I try to keep the text as short as possible, since it gets kind of redundant looking at dates over and over.

I use the following:

#W9A #04” , where “#W9A” refers to [W]eek 9 of the year 2017 [A], and “#04” refers to the day of the month

Normally, I am running LEAN sprints once per week, so I can click on “#W9A” to see everything I wrote down for that week. Subsequently I have implemented a kanban system as well (in another topic will write) so I can also see what things I finished and didn’t finish for that week

Put any comments and questions you have below