Select multiple items on mobile


As the title suggests, you should be able to somehow select multiple items on mobile and do things with them.

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Can the ESC key un-focus all fields, as clicking outside the doc does?

This one is very important to me. Is there something I should do to encourage development on this item?


I don’t think so. The timeline would depend a lot on what we have on hand.

Commenting on the forum is already the best way to let us know you need this, in my opinion.


Many iPhone list apps feature an Edit button. When tapped, all the items get an open circle (or something like that) on the left side, which you tap to select, tap again to deselect. Having selected them, you can activate a command (Delete is the most common). Since you have a lot of commands to activate, this would maybe be a series of buttons you can pick from?

Edit mode often also offers a second handle on the right, and easy swipe actions that do something.


Alt idea : there’s a lot of special interactions a phone can register. Eg. Hold-release is the way to activate select in a text editor mode. Whay about hold-release on the zoom dot? It already selects one item and initiates a move. Suppose you then use additonal taps, maybe with multitap, to select more. And then allow drag-move or the hamburger menu to do its thing with the selected items.


Nice idea, only downside is that it’s not very discoverable.

People might try long pressing on an item, and they get the text select menu. It might not occur to them to long press on the bullet point. In other words, it’s more like a hidden feature, like many other things in Dynalist. It’s nice if a user reads the docs, but we can’t expect them all to. So being able to discover these features without reading documentation would be nice.

That would imply having some button or option to “enter bulk edit mode”, and in that mode you can do a single tap to select an item.


I think a bulk edit mode would be good. As pointed out above, many iOS apps have such an option. When clicked checkboxes (sometimes rounded to avoid confusion with the app’s built in check boxes) appear next to each item. This would make the mobile app much more useful. My most common need is simply to bulk indent/outdent or move items.