Can't copy multiple items on mobile

Steps to reproduce

Try selecting text from a number of items at once, copying it and pasting somewhere.

Expected result

Copied text gets pasted.

Actual result

A. In Edit mode I can’t even select more than one item.
B. In Read mode I can select the text of a few items and copy, but on paste nothing appears.


mobile site in Android Chrome, Android App

Additional information

I wanted to use the Export option as a workaround but it’s not available on mobile either.

Additional comments

Me: I’ll save some time writing this email by copying things from my Dynalist. Here, let me select them.
D: Nope!
Me: Well, I selected them in Read mode! Now paste.
D: Nope!
Me: Damn! Can I export some plain text at least?
D: Nope!
Me: … :unamused:


There’s no reaction to this topic in almost two weeks. Maybe it’s because hardly anyone ever needs to get text out of Dynalist on mobile? Or is there some way to do this that I’m not aware of?


@dvasyukova, selecting multiple items is currently a weakness in mobile, but to answer your question, yeah, I think it’s not an often-encountered case, as most people tend to view things, check a few things off, and maybe jot down a few ideas on mobile.

And no, you didn’t miss anything, it’s not possible to do what you described in Dynalist right now.

Regardless of the copy paste functionality, you need to be able to select multiple items in order to change the indentation of those items. I’m trying to organize a list on mobile and am having to move each item manually.


Definitely, it’s one of the next improvements we want to add for mobile next.

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A solution that would work for most of my use cases would be the ability to copy and paste a subtree.


Moving this to this feature request: Select multiple items on mobile

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