Autocomplete tags when searching


How about allowing the auto-completion feature also in the search box same as Workflowy?

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Excellent idea. I think the only reason we haven’t done it is time.

In at least half of the cases you would click on a tag to start searching, so we didn’t think of this feature as a high priority. Nevertheless it’s something we’re happy to do once we have less on our plates :slight_smile:.



I would consider this a top priority!


@Erica, that is actually not my typical use case. I would say clicking the tag is <10% for me, if that.

Most of the time I want to quickly filter a list, by project or customer name. So I would hit find, then type @D expecting to look for @Dynalist entries. Currently we’d have to type out nearly the whole thing, especially for tags with similar first few letters.


I see, I can see why that’s a pain point for you then.

Bumped this up in our todo list :slight_smile:



A handy feature in Workflowy – when a search begins with a tag symbol – # or @ – a list of matching tags pops up that filters as you type.

For example – search for “#f” and you’ll see a list of all tags that start with “#f”. Type another character such as “#fa” and the list filters down to just tags that begin with “#fa”. This is very fast and easy to use.

It is much faster to use than the Tag List pane in Dynalist.

Please consider this as a feature request.

Thank you!


FYI…I just checked and did not see this on the Dyanlist Roadmap .

Is there something we need to do to get this nominated as a feature candidate?