Your web presence, for me who is logged in, takes me to my dynalist. Which is fine. But what isn’t good is that there is no clear connection to a lot of the other stuff in the dynalist web ecosystem. Where is the normal home page with menu links to all the aspects of your stuff?

What I’ve discovered so far:
There’s a trello page for feature requesting.
There’s this forum for feature requesting, bugs, and general discussion. help center with lots of cool articles.

Ah, just now I finally , I found the normal website by clicking Download Apps in the program.

This needs to be easier to find for somebody like me who signed in at the start. As in, make these menus visible some how from the app.

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You can open our homepage in a private/incognito tab.

The point is not to give me tips. The point is to fix your site for random visitors who go in for a trial.

Thanks, we’ll think about putting it somewhere in the menu (we would put it in a footer of the app if it had one!).

Suggest a submenu with links to tour, help, talk, blog, buy. Did i miss any? You could reuse that menu across all your sites.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Help, blog, about, buy (upgrade) are already in the main menu (menu icon at the top right corner).

Thanks for the suggestion!