Y font change

want view on system selected font.

but system basic font only.

in android app

If you haven’t been told, the Dynalist team has stopped development on the app. There will be no new features or development on it. They really should post a sticky note mentioning this on these forums. Instead, there are just random threads where it is has been discussed and mentioned. If you like Dynalist, keep using it, and it seems like it will still run for the future, but don’t expect anything new.

See forums posts regarding November 2020 here for details: No monthly blog update since November. Are the team ok?

Obsidian is their new product, an alternative organizational app, but does not have all the outlining features of Dynalist. There are some third-party outlining plugins, none of which give it the same outlining capabilities as Dynalist.

See https://obsidian.md for details.

This can be done via CSS (Pro). Here are instructions: Total Newbie - Custom Font CSS with Google Fonts