Workflow for adding picture / handwritten notes to dynalist

occasionally I need to add handwritten notes (sketches, diagrams, math calculations, charts, and occassionally pictures) and it is too complicated / timeconsuming to do in dynalist or any software programs (, excel etc).

This is my workflow for adding anything you can take pictures with on your phone. (e.g. a document, a place, etc)


  1. Setup googlephotos

  2. Buy a selfie camera light to get well-lit documents if needed. I slap this on my phone whenever I take a document picture


  1. Take handwritten notes

  2. Take picture + use good photography lighting if needed

  3. On phone → click “google photos” app so it syncs right away → upload if needed. Also, check your sync settings on googlephotos (e.g. autosyncs only if wi-fi is on, etc)


  5. Use your favorite clipboard + image sharing program (will list out a bunch of tools you can use)

  6. Paste into dynalist (either a clipboard image → dynalist pro uploader OR image URL)

Program examples you can use for step 5

additional notes

i keep all my “display images inline” on

This way I can choose either to have a spoiler image with IMAGUS
chrome extension or just a basic markdown ![]( link) image

Consequently I can also take notes of my handwritten notes by annotating my image again, write child notes to it, etc.

Also, I can at any point change the markdown image to just a regular link by deleting the ![]() markdown formatting. I normally do this when I have a new -improved updated version of my handwritten notes, etc.

Also, I try to date all my hand written notes but sometimes I forget.

I use an artists sketchbook +pencil when taking handwritten notes but this is personal preference


This was useful! Thanks.

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