Workaround for reoccurring due dates?

I know that I can put these into Google Calendar as a reoccurring events however there is a satisfaction that comes from checking things off such as Bill pays does anyone have a workaround?

I just set my reoccurring ones in Google calendar itself … works great for regular reminders like bills. Less well for things like regular meetings that I would actually like to have in dynalist

Nick you can vote on it here

The way I manage my monthly bills is through tabsnooze, which is really helpful. Bookmark that page and set it on your monthly due date and you’ll be reminded of it when the tabs reopen that day

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Thanks for the recommendation but I really would like that to be something that reoccurs that I can check off. I need that along with my budget sheet and any calendar reminders. I think it’s on the roadmap. I’m liking dynalist so far and did commit to a year of pro as after trying almost every Task manager I’ve found my brain does think in outlines. Now just trying to find the appropriate places to break my “tree” because off the setup of document sharing and somewhat limited global search