According to February update, the search result of “within:0d” and “within:today” were changed.

“within:0d” returns all dates from the current time to end of today, whereas “within:today” returns all dates from start of today to end of today as below pictures.

image image image

How about the search result of “within:-0d” ?

I think that “within:-0d” returns all dates before the current time to start of today, but it returns the same return of “within:today” as below picture.


Is it bug ?
Or is my understand wrong ?

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I would recommend using “within:today -within:0d” instead, which should work properly.

@Shida : “within:-0d” sounds like another special case that we didn’t explicitly define, right?

How did you get due date red? Can you share the CSS you are using?

Thank you @Erica

Thank you for your reply.
I will use “within:today -within:0d” instead.

I am sorry but I didn’t use any CSS.
I just used “Highlight overdue” option.

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