Why & What | You Use Zoom Zoom Zoom? (List of Helpful Uses For Zooming)

  • examples good

  • duplicates what other users have already said evil

  • since dyna is a list at her core, using points/lists would be helpful & nice (good)

inspired from Improve visual effect of zooming in and out

i could be doing something nearer to ideal than how i have always been doing things in my lifetime thus far

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  1. Zoom in to focus on small details
  2. Zoom out to focus on the big picture
  3. Zooming in and out constantly to be able to keep both details and big picture in mind
  4. When a list gets cluttered, zooming either in or out can help me approach the problem from a new perspective
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Zooming in helps with reducing the range the page can scroll vertically by.

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+1 Yes I experience that all the time :slight_smile:


focus on small details

what do you mean by this? any examples?

can i not already see small details with tabbed (structured) lists? isn’t that the good & helpful use of tabbed lists?

do the detailed bullet point (after the first-level) become a larger font when i zoom in? or something?

zoom out to focus on big picture

this is the default view though

it’s not an additional use that is understood to have added value

it is intrinsic/fundamental value, which is better than added value

context switching between zoomed in/out views to keep all in mind

i really don’t understand what this means

isn’t that what seeing the entire list does (in default view)? and what my brain helps with?

it’s well-known, as of all of human knowledge up to this point, that context switching is a net negative to effectively getting things done

when a list gets cluttered

yea i hate clutter, i like this one, i support this

zoom can help solve limits/problems from a new perspective

  • how exactly? examples?

i feel that i get new ideas/thoughts from new ideas/thoughts. and specialised learnings/understandings of specific technology & domains. i didn’t know this could possibly happen from zooming.

  • how does zooming do this?

  • do you mean ‘perspective’ in the visual cognitive sense?

then i can understand. like let’s say i look at an apple, then i look at an orange. i’ve gotten a new perspective, because what i see in the physical universe (that was in front of my line of vision) changed

  • though how is that helpful? (as is one of the key questions) – any applications of this ‘perspective’? applied in UI design maybe? or other particularly visual-oriented fields?

  • let’s say you want to uplift the entire humanity, how would zooming give new & innovative solutions?

in long lists, helps you to scroll further (per each scroll-like action) as the page is shorter

does anyone know if collapsing would be better than zooming for this helpful use?

zooming seems to take more steps in total

If I collapse something from above and there’s a lot of content, it won’t be as efficient as zooming in on a topic and having that at the top. And if I’m editing in something into a completed document, I won’t lose my place.

The keyword is focus because non-relevant higher-level items are hidden from view.

I’m not sure I understand your concern.

That’s a bold statement, I’d love to see evidence. :laughing:

I am currently taking a public speaking class. I wrote out some notes for a speech. I wasn’t satisfied. I zoomed into one section and worked on that for a while without thinking about the other sections. Before I knew it, that one section had as much content as everything I initially had in all sections, but was more focused on a single topic. I zoomed back out and deleted the other sections.