Improve visual effect of zooming in and out

I would almost never go out of my way to make a feature request concerning visual affects, but when I would zoom in and out in Workflowy, it would look very smooth. I suppose the reason this was actually so useful was because the effect was different depending on if you zoomed in or out. If you zoomed in, the title of the parent list would go up into the path, and then if you zoom back out the parent list would come from the path back into place as the title. And some of the children also had smooth transitions.

Since I am constantly zooming in and out all the time, I feel like this helped my entire brain follow along faster with what I am doing. Zooming in and out in Dynalist feels slightly stressful.

It’s not a “top priority issue”. But I do wanna make sure it’s on this list.


@Matt_Groth Honestly, this kind of polish trumps any feature in my experience evangelizing for Dynalist, and it also just affects my daily happiness levels way more, so thanks for posting.



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Hi! I’m just switching (hopefully) from WorkFlowy. This “smooth zoom transition” feature is the only thing giving me trepidation switching.

I’m a bit surprised this isn’t more highly upvoted.

If you compare Dynalist to Workflowy, you’ll find that zooming into a bullet is faster and much smoother in Workflowy. For example, in Dynalist you see flashing as the screen vanishes and repopulates. Also, there is no instant visual feedback to confirm the bullet you’ve just zoomed into, because there is no zoom-in transition animation that slides the parent smoothly up and away.

I was wondering if this might be put into the list of things to implement?



Bumping this. And adding my agreement!

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Bumping again. This is a good idea.

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Definitely bumping this. This is awesome.

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Hmmm if only this one feature was there… I don’t why without it, dynalist somehow feels incomplete… It doesn’t make sense but some it feels incomplete.

Totally. This may not seem as important as adding the big features, but this kind of fit and finish stuff needs to done sometime. And it isn’t just eye candy. Like @Matt_Groth says, it helps you visualize how you are navigating through the outline. I’m little concerned that this was posted in 2017 and the zooming is still a jarring jump, not a smooth motion à la Workflowy. But I believe in you guys.


I am also surprised this isn’t upvoted more - it took me a couple minutes to figure out why, but zooming in Workflowy is much more intuitive as a result of the Zoom animation in Workflowy. Psychologically, the benefit is that it keeps you feeling that you are navigating through a physical space (i.e., the outline) rather than jumping around in a non-continuous way.

This isn’t one that would occur to many people, especially if they didn’t switch from Workflowy, but it is clearly the type of feature that would improve quality-of-life and, if placed side-by-side by Workflowy, I can’t imagine anyone would prefer the Dynalist (non)animation.

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