Why tags can't contain ":" anymore?

I was using it a lot and now all of that is broken. Is it possible to modify this code in userscript (I don’t see the name of the function)? Are you planning to ban more of special characters from appearing in tags? It would be nice, if you first give ability to search and replace before such changes.


Yes I really liked that you could use any punctuation in a dynalist tag (unlike workflowy), I hope this is a temporary error

It’s deliberate change in the code, my guess is that devs don’t want situations like
text #tag: text
text #tag, text
and it’s ok (outside the fact that it’s inconsistent, because “.” is still always considered as part of a tag), but when those characters appear in the middle of #tag:text then it’s clear that user wants this to be a part of the tag


Does this change in handling colons within tags explain why Powerpack font and background styles are not working today and they worked yesterday? I thought there would be others asking this, but maybe it’s just something at my end? I can go through and manually delete all the customizations and settle for default styling, but will put that off if it looks like a fix is likely soon, as I know I hope. What do you think, Piotr?

Right, so we were trying to fix an issue where users would use “#tag: blablabla” where “#tag:” would be recognized as the tag. I guess it make sense for using it inside (in the middle of) the tag as well.

So what we’ll do from now on is to reject it only if it’s at the end of the tag (i.e. followed by a space). I’ll update this thread once it’s implemented.


This is what it will look like


Yes, this is perfect (at least for me :slight_smile: ), thanks

Great solution.

am I missing something? my tags don’t seem to reflect that:

Can’t get powerpack functions to work anymore

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He said “will”. I believe the change is not deployed yet? @Shida

This should now be deployed.