Why is the mac app so slow and unresponsive?


File attachment is just a link in the document, so its size does not contribute to the exported size.

What do you mean by “file count”?


Sorry I meant the OPML file size.


No it’s not affected at all.


The OPML file I just exported is 2.8MB

“Hey ladies - don’t make me break this thing down for nothing!”


the app is pretty much bugging out, and as you say, unusable. Behaviour is all over the place

(by the way, how the hell does the bulleted list feature in this editor work?)

parents are becoming notes, notes are becoming parents, pasted text in a note is appended to the parent title, I can’t delete notes inserted above parents, popup messages coming over the wrong item (unbookmark/bookmark this list coming over the zoom in button).

this is happening to some extent at least on the browser version as well.


just googled “import dynalist into workflowy”. help!


You can copy paste to WorkFlowy in order to “import”. As far as I know they don’t have any import functionality.


Sorry I don’t get the question. What do you mean how does the feature work? You can tab to indent, Shift+Tab to unindent, and Enter to create new items. That’s pretty much it.

Do you have a screenshot?.. And do you mind refreshing the page if you’re on the web version? Sounds like something is messed up but it’s hard to tell from your description.

We did just do a release though, but everything looks normal to me on my end. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


that was a cry for help Erica, more than a desire to revert to WF. just need to work…


refreshing web page didn’t help.

see how the item heading gets shifted down when I try to add a note? If I cursor to the front of “parenting workshop”, delete doesn’t do anything - I’d expect it to lift the item into the line above, but the “line” is a dummy.

the other screenshot shows “zoom in” being replaced by “un/bookmark this list”


I see. Please see my reply above… it would really help if you can show me a screenshot.

If you don’t want to post your content publicly you can blur them or send them to support@dynalist.io privately.

  • bulleted list test - ironic given that this is a forum for a bulleted outliner

when I hit the Bulleted List button, I get this:

  • List item
    but then when I hit return, it’s not bulleted.
    if I tab, it just takes me out of this editor.


I use Dynalist quite a lot, but not that much. I don’t see why my 2.8MB should be so unusual…


Where is the “Bullet List” button? I’m only aware of the “Numberd list” menu option. Every list is a bulleted list by default, so there’s no need for a button.

What platform are you on? Do you use a external (bluebooth) keyboard with a mobile device (like an iPad)? That’s the only scenario that’s remotely similar to your case, I think.


Is that because you imported tons of stuff from WorkFlowy?

For example, @Michael_Potter said his largest document is 33 KB, which is like only 1/100 of yours.


Ah - I’m talking about the text editor in this forum, not in Dynalist!


Yes, I imported my Workflowy data.


Hi @Adam1,

So I saw the screenshot. Sorry for missing it earlier.

Now I can reproduce the first issue: the “zoom in” shows up as “bookmark this list”. Big progress!

The steps I used is to first zoom in, and then check the popup message text. After zooming in, the popup message correctly shows up as “Zoom in”. Reproduction step info like this is crucial for us in order to fix it.

But I still can’t seem to understand the other issues. Namely,

I mean, I can see things are wrong in your screenshot, but I can’t reproduce them with those descriptions. If you try to file a bug in the “Bug” category, you’ll find that a list of reproduction steps is recommended.

I know it’s obvious to you how you can make the bug happen and I can feel the frustration. In order for me to be able to help, I need to know how to make the bug happen (and then fix it).

For example, “parents are becoming notes”, did that happen on its own? Or did you click somewhere or pressed some shortcut? And to be more precise, after you do the action on item A, did the parent item of A become the note field of A (meaning the parent text is removed)?

Thanks a lot in advance!


I see, the forum editor uses third party software and it uses the Markdown syntax. You basically append a * symbol before each list item. It’s not easy to create nested lists though, you need exactly 4 spaces in order to create the indentation.



We did release a new version yesterday, and it could’ve triggered this bug. Did this bug start appearing recently?

From the information I gathered so far, I think it’s an interaction between the size of your document and the new update. If this is happening for everyone, I think we’re surely receive more reports than this.

This is easy to verify too. I see you only have one huge list. Can you try creating a new document (or maybe reuse the “Getting started with Dynalist” document if you still have it) and see if the same bugs happen over there?

Performance with very large documents