Why is the mac app so slow and unresponsive?

Dynalist seems quite seriously unresponsive and slow during text entry, navigation, and moving lines around. Is this a general observation, and does this have anything to do with the nature of the wrapper application used for the Dynalist environment?

Is there anything I can do to mitigate? How long until there is a native “non-wrapped” app?

Any other macOS app users experiencing the same thing?

@Adam1, we do have the memory usage problem on our list to solve though. So if you have the app open for too long, try restarting it and see if it helps.

And in all cases, if you’re browsing a gigantic document (it can tell by looking at how tiny the scrollbar is), it will usually make things slower.

It’s most noticeable during typing Erica - I use Dvorak keyboard layout, and I type quite fast, and I have to slow down a fair bit - noticeably draggy performance.

My master document is quite big, but same happens when I’m working on a short section.

Does restart help, then?

Is there a way to quantify a “gigantic document” on the user side? How would we know it was gigantic other than the scrollbar size?

I’ve never had a problem but I’m unsure if it is because of my documents are “smaller” than another person’s.

If you export and download a OPML file, I would say anything larger than 200 KB is pretty large.

We’re using a gigantic document for testing right now (to optimize performance), and it’s 572 KB when exported to OPML.

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Wow, my largest document exported (OPML file) is a whopping 33kb. :grin:

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That’s pretty standard actually! :slight_smile:

We’re just testing with huge document to meet the 95th percentile document size, since it makes the whole application unusable.

Interesting! What role do file attachments play in large documents? Are they included in the file count or is it separate?

File attachment is just a link in the document, so its size does not contribute to the exported size.

What do you mean by “file count”?

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Sorry I meant the OPML file size.

No it’s not affected at all.

The OPML file I just exported is 2.8MB

“Hey ladies - don’t make me break this thing down for nothing!”

the app is pretty much bugging out, and as you say, unusable. Behaviour is all over the place

(by the way, how the hell does the bulleted list feature in this editor work?)

parents are becoming notes, notes are becoming parents, pasted text in a note is appended to the parent title, I can’t delete notes inserted above parents, popup messages coming over the wrong item (unbookmark/bookmark this list coming over the zoom in button).

this is happening to some extent at least on the browser version as well.

just googled “import dynalist into workflowy”. help!

You can copy paste to WorkFlowy in order to “import”. As far as I know they don’t have any import functionality.

Sorry I don’t get the question. What do you mean how does the feature work? You can tab to indent, Shift+Tab to unindent, and Enter to create new items. That’s pretty much it.

Do you have a screenshot?.. And do you mind refreshing the page if you’re on the web version? Sounds like something is messed up but it’s hard to tell from your description.

We did just do a release though, but everything looks normal to me on my end. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

that was a cry for help Erica, more than a desire to revert to WF. just need to work…

refreshing web page didn’t help.

see how the item heading gets shifted down when I try to add a note? If I cursor to the front of “parenting workshop”, delete doesn’t do anything - I’d expect it to lift the item into the line above, but the “line” is a dummy.

the other screenshot shows “zoom in” being replaced by “un/bookmark this list”