Why does Dynalist require more RAM than a C9 workspace?

When I open Chrome’s task manager after hearing my laptop fan whir, I notice that Dynalist is near the top. Both tabs consume about >100mb of RAM, each. It might not be a fair comparison, since some extensions do the same, but I figured that it might be worth pointing out, especially when I’m not using the tab.

I’m using Chrome on Windows 10.

Dynalist might look simple but it does a lot of work under the hood and 100 MB sounds about right (I see 122 MB on my end). I believe it also depends on how much stuff you have; if you have lots of huge documents, it probably makes sense that Dynalist requires more RAM than an empty C9 workspace, for example.

@Shida, anything you wanna add?


I forgot that it has to sync in real time and whatnot. Thanks, Erica.