What to do with archival projects

How do others archive projects with many steps that do not have a recurring date (on Pro) but may be reopened at some later date - or not? How/where do you save them so they are not deleted but also do not take up space in current folders or documents?

I have an ARCHIVE folder in the File Pane and I put documents in there after marking them “Archive” via the document right-click menu.

The Archive functionality was announced last month…

You can find the “Archive” option in document right-click menu. After you archive a document, it will be excluded from global search results. For better performance, the document will also be unloaded from memory when it’s not being viewed.

Thank you so much - missed that announcement; I must not be on some list or am not checking wherever I need to be checking. Your suggestion sounds like a good strategy. Much appreciate your time and input.

You’re welcome.

The announcement comes from the Monthly Blog at Dynalist Blog

Some other links you might find useful…
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Thank you for those. I’ve been simply tooling along with the basics; time to learn more about what I’m doing!

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