What do you like about Dynalist Pro? What would make Dynalist adequate for your needs?

I like the ability to copy paste images into Dynalist and dragging files onto it as well.

I think the only thing missing for me is that once I open the app, I should be able to jot something down instantly, perhaps by having a certain page open instead of the one that I had last opened.

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I agree with @JP1, a straightforward way to include (and fold) images is an important pro feature.

Another one is to make the search results more useable, so you can see and work on different items and subitems that match some criteria. Something like Todooist filters (which is a pro feature there, and one of the main reason I got the pro, for example).

Like discussed in this thread

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You could create an ‘Inbox’ document and bookmark it. Then you can type in Inbox into omnibar.

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I guess a better way to explain it is having home page documents for Dynalist, as there are (can be) set home pages for browsers.