What are Dynalist's sharing philosophy and best practices?

I’m trying to understand why sharing is organized by documents on Dynalist, rather than by bullet point, as in Workflowy.

I gather that the only thing I can share on Dynalist is an entire document. So suppose I have all my notes across various projects in a single document. I want to share notes from a single meeting. In Workflowy, this is trivial: just share that meeting. In Dynalist, it seems like I either need to:

  • share my entire notes document for everything I take notes on
  • break up my document structure by pulling the notes from that meeting into a second document

I won’t take the first option. That means that every meeting probably becomes a separate document in a folder of meetings so that I can choose who can see what meeting’s notes. Another option is I make a copy of the meeting’s notes and share that, but then the copy doesn’t get updated if I make an edit to the original and vice versa. This whole thing might happen over again when (to make up an example), I realize I want to share one recipe without sharing all my recipes, but I was keeping all my recipes in a single document. And then it happens again when I want to share just one my various trip itineraries, etc.

Instead of keeping track of the relationships between my notes with one system (nested lists), I now have to manage two systems (nested lists in documents, documents in a folder system) that do almost the same thing, and I constantly have to figure out whether the work I’m doing should go in separate documents (to enable selective sharing) or one document (to make a single cohesive nested-list structure of related content).

So I’m just wondering if I understand sharing correctly, and if so, what are the best ways to deal with sharing content selectively for someone used to sharing individual bullet points on Workflowy?


I definitely have run up against the conflict between making something a note and making something a document too. Sharing, in particular, seems to be a common trigger.

As much as I despise adding complexity, bullet-by-bullet sharing might be worth it for Dynalist.

(Then there’s always superman mode.)


Looks like this has already been addressed elsewhere. My bad for not searching…

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Is it any easier to make the URL of a bullet unlisted, as in Google Drive or Evernote, as opposed to specifically sharing to another account? Like “Anyone with the link can view”? Nobody would be able to guess the public URL, but the URL is still linked to the main document so I don’t know from a technical perspective if it can be rendered seperately.

Is it any easier to make the URL of a bullet unlisted, as in Google Drive or Evernote, as opposed to specifically sharing to another account?

Yes, but the problem (as I see it) is this:

  • Document Root
    • Test
      • Cow
        • Pig
          • Donkey

I can’t share the Donkey node without also implicitly granting access to the document root, Test, Cow, and Pig because using the link to Donkey shows the full document path in the header:


Sorry for the late reply!

That’s the way Dynalist is designed right now. That being said, many have requested to be able to share on a per-bullet basis: Trello

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