Weekly Update

[Keyboard shortcut] You can now use the Esc key to stop editing the current item, and to render the formatting. Pressing Esc again will restore the previous cursor position.

[UI] When using Shift+Up/Down to select items, the page will automatically scroll when the destination is out of view.

Thanks for these two enhancements announced yesterday. Useful!



Nice changes! I find the “Esc” to toggle between formatted and un-formatted view very helpful.


Yes, this looks good, but I had a recollection that ESC was previously used to cancel a current search. It doesn’t work like this any more. I miss it.

ESC does cancel the current filter, but you need to be in the search bar for it to work.

To cancel the current filter, type Ctrl-F to go to the search bar, then hit ESC to clear the search.

Agree, I will miss being able to clear search with ESC without being focused on the search box. It was just so quick and easy.

Connected to that, I wish there was a way to Accept search. I found my item, it’s number 3. I want to leave search mode and see the context surrounding that third item in the search. How do I get that?

You mean scroll to that location?

With keyboard only, it’s a bit complicated right now. Ctrl+F to search, Tab to enter the first item, use Down to land on the third item, Ctrl+F again, and then Esc to stop search.

With mouse, you can click on the desired item directly, and then click on the “x” in the search bar.

A bit weird but it does the trick.

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