Warn user when renaming a tag, if the tag already exists


This is a small feature request (UI/UX enhancement?) related to renaming tags.

I use certain tags to group together notes from a certain project. With similar projects over a longer period of time, I have accidentally renamed a tag to a name of another tag which already exists and had the notes basically merge between the two projects with no easy way to undo it.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Create a bullet with two tags (eg,tag1 & tag2)
  2. Open the tag pane and rename one tag to the name of the other tag (eg, rename tag1 -> tag2)

The bullet is now tagged with two tags named the same thing (eg, tag2)

The UI tells you there is already an existing tag with the name you are trying to rename your tag to and presents an option to cancel (eg, “A tag with name tag2 already exists. Rename anyway?” “Rename” “Cancel”)

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Interesting, that seems useful. Not high priority unfortunately, added to our list of wishlist features!