@ vs #

It seems the current thinking is that @ and # are inter-changeable?

I was just curious if you had any plans down the road to differentiate between the two in terms of behaviour or functionality.


I can’t speak on behalf on Dynalist, but it wasn’t mentioned on the Trello board. It might stay the same for people who are using to using @ in GTD.

If you’re used to the Twitter way, # is often for a topic and @ is used to mention a person. Right now, they are identical in terms of functionality. so @JP1 is 100% correct on this.

In the long run, we may want to trigger notifications when you @ someone. For example, you can still @whatever, but you can also @alice who’s a team member and she will receive a notification. If you haven’t set up a team though, # and @ will be the same. It’s all up to you which one you want to use. :slight_smile: