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2 cents drop.

  • I like markdown but besides the bullet point * I mostly write it using keyboard shortcuts where supported. So ctrl b for bold in Dynalist or Reddit Enhanced Suite.
    • So, it you want to switch MD to WYSIWYG – no problem. Same keyboard shortcuts, same result :wink:
  • I love markdown in txt files; styling information in plain text.
    • so…if you do go WYSIWYG 100%, then export to MD should be an option


the pro-markdown camp Image result for matrix all i see is blonde


I would be hugely disappointed if markdown is removed for any reason.

It is one of the key features I look for in any text-based app, and it was instrumental in deciding to go with Dynalist.

If it is removed or delegated to second-class status, well :frowning:.


@Erica Two years later :slight_smile:

Curious if the biggest blockers right now is “Uncertain reward: Not sure of what design to go with” or “High costs: This would take months to build that could go to adding more features.”

Something I’m wondering about, and you might know the answer: As Dynalist continues to grow its feature palette, will this transition only become harder? Because more code will need to be refactored.