Visual editing (WYSIWYG)


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2 cents drop.

  • I like markdown but besides the bullet point * I mostly write it using keyboard shortcuts where supported. So ctrl b for bold in Dynalist or Reddit Enhanced Suite.
    • So, it you want to switch MD to WYSIWYG – no problem. Same keyboard shortcuts, same result :wink:
  • I love markdown in txt files; styling information in plain text.
    • so…if you do go WYSIWYG 100%, then export to MD should be an option


the pro-markdown camp Image result for matrix all i see is blonde


I would be hugely disappointed if markdown is removed for any reason.

It is one of the key features I look for in any text-based app, and it was instrumental in deciding to go with Dynalist.

If it is removed or delegated to second-class status, well :frowning:.


@Erica Two years later :slight_smile:

Curious if the biggest blockers right now is “Uncertain reward: Not sure of what design to go with” or “High costs: This would take months to build that could go to adding more features.”

Something I’m wondering about, and you might know the answer: As Dynalist continues to grow its feature palette, will this transition only become harder? Because more code will need to be refactored.


I’ve been using at work lately and they have an interesting Markdown implementation.

What they do is apply the formatting as soon as the Markdown sequence happens. So if I type a dash followed by a space it switches into bullet mode; a hash and a space it becomes a level 1 header. Subsequently all editing is done WYSIWYG, using the toolbar or keyboard short-cuts.

So initial entry is very efficient and I can get the basic formatting in place. Then when I go back and edit I’m already working at a different pace, so mousing to a toolbar or using key-combination short-cuts isn’t the interruption it is when brainstorming.

Not everything is supported and not everything applies, so Dynalist would still have some work to (for bold, italic, and strike), but it’s pretty good:

Being able to start a line with [] space and [x] space to make an item a checklist would be an awesome addition to Dynalist too!!! Similarly starting a line with 1 period space to switch to numbered list mode would be so cool!



I believe the WYSIWYG is related to the “Toggle plain text/rendered/normal” also at Trello, although separated.

I’ve got an idea, that probably has nothing to do with any of the topics, but I think that could be interesting. Forgive me if someone has already mentioned or commented about it before.

So, what if you implemented the same Padlock that we already on the Mobile versions onto the Web version? So, it could allow us to easily lock the edit and avoid the Markdown to be expanded (but still keeping the link active and working if clicked; the same behavior as we have in the Mobile UX/UI). That could be the easiest solution, IMO. I really like the Padlock on mobile. And I miss it a bit on the web (don’t use the Desktop app though). Having a shortcut to toggle lock/unlock would be nice as well.

I’ve switched from WorkFlowy recently and have been enjoying a lot the Dynalist world! Thanks for listening and for the great service you offer!


I second the notion of keeping the padlock in desktop mode. It’s useful on desktop when I’m referring to a document but don’t plan to edit it – especially when trying to copy text from code blocks.



What’s your guy’s general “potential-implementation-stance” on this at the moment?

  • Not Likely?
  • Possible?
  • Probable?
  • Definite?

Just trying to figure out if I should get my hopes up or not.