Visibility settings don't apply in local search

Steps to reproduce

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Perform a local search with notes hidden

Expected result

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Search only applies to the items, not the notes.

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?

Search applies to the notes, as well as the items.


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Windows latest Chrome and Desktop version

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Search does respect note visibility settings in the global search.

Additional comments

Well, that was a “bug” we were fixing earlier today, for things to be consistent.

Basically, we want the note to show up if it does match the search query, in case it’s needed, but I agree it’s debatable. Maybe we should start a poll?

I thought the update was meant to be applied to local as well as global searches.

I have extensive notes and a large local document. I don’t often conduct global searches and my local searches are always at the item level, rather than notes.

But if it is only to apply to global searches, then please bring on the poll for local searches.

The update was fixing a bug, which is that note visibility is not reflected in global search. When you set notes to hidden, they are still shown in global search. That was the bug we were trying to fix.

Now I think the thing we’re discussing is whether note should show up if it matches search query, when set to hidden. And it was for that I proposed the poll.

Yes, it would be great to have an option for local search to respect the note visibility options in the same way that global search does now.

I guess I haven’t made myself clear… are you using the desktop app? Could you try your repro steps on the latest version of web?

Now local and global searches are consistent, but probably not the way you expect them to be.

OK. I see now that the item appears in the search for both local and global if the search term is in the note, regardless of note visibility settings.

The difference is that for a local search, the note becomes visible if the search term is present. Whereas in the global search, only the item will appear.

I still wish there was an option to have search (local and global) apply only to items, not notes.

Weird, are you trying to desktop rather than web? What I see on my end is that the note appears both for local and global search, as long as they’re matched.

This is what appears for a local search of “target” with notes hidden:

And this is what appears for a global search of “target” with notes hidden:

I prefer the Global Search option. But even better would be the possibility just to limit the search to the items (not the notes) so neither would appear. :pray:

I see…

Gonna open a poll on that and we’ll see where to go from there.

Created poll: Should note appear when search term matches note, with note set to hidden?

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Hi @Kevin_Murray, sorry for the digging this up, we’re cleaning up the bugs and would like to move this to a feature request (for the “intitle:” part) and close this one.

What do you think?

Yes, this relates to another posting where I confessed to cursing at the screen.

Ok, I’ll close this then!