Should note appear when search term matches note, with note set to hidden?

Let’s suppose you’ve set note to hidden. You perform a search, which matches content in a note.

What should happen?

  • The note should show up, with the match text highlighted
  • The item should not show up if the item title doesn’t match search

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My preference would be a third option: The item appears in the list (because the note matches the search) but the note is not shown (because notes have been set to hidden). Since the notes match, the little note icon would be highlighted yellow.

I choose option 1 + specifier search terms to search in bullet / in note only

Given the trend of voting, I suspect that most users would see the second option as a removal of information, and therefore undesirable. Even though there is still potential to reveal results in notes by setting them as visible.

But for those of us with extensive notes, we end up having to scroll through screens of text after every search.

To satisfy everyone, would it be possible to include a search term like “intitle:”, as used by Evernote?


Yeah, I think that would be the more ideal solution.

Honestly I wasn’t sure about how the voting would go before I posted it either, since two users (including you) have said to us that the note should respect the visibility setting and not appear under any circumstances.

My issue with option 2 would be that “you don’t know what you don’t know”. You may not know a reference in a note is relevant or not until you look at it. However, if you know what you are looking for then I can understand the need for the most relevant search with least distraction. With this in mind, although I voted for option one, I’d support one of the manual filter methods suggested for eliminating notes from the query.

I like this idea a lot.

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while i dont use it,

yes, hiding is hiding

searching is to find something so ofc yes