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Interface tweak idea:

First, change the hover tooltip on the Eye icon from “Filter Items” to “Viewing Options”

Second, move the “View as Article” option from the hamburger menu to the Eye menu.
(Perhaps as “View as [Article] [List]” to keep with the same button style selection as the other options that are already there.)

This accomplishes three things:

  1. it’s clearer because article/list is a viewing option like notes or completed items are,
  2. it makes toggling article view more readily available and easy to switch back and forth
  3. it makes the Eye icon more useful now, and helps to establish a logical place for future viewing options that may be developed

Sounds like a sensible suggestion to me. I’d go further. The section in the hamburger menu with Settings/Upload manager/View as article could be reallocated and dispensed with. Settings is a duplication of the cog icon on the main menu bar, Upload manager could go to the Import from WorkFlowy/Download backup section, View as article could be incorporated in eye menu (as per the original post).

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Excellent suggestions, this is actually what we want to do eventually too.

Upload manager is a tricky one… it seems like it doesn’t really belong anywhere. Import from WorkFlowy/Download backup is for import/export.

I admit we tend to stuff options in the main menu. It’s time to clean it up!

Implemented on web now, coming soon to other platforms :slight_smile:


@Erica Great work!

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