Versioning incomprehensible

This isn’t exactly a bug, but it sure is annoying …

Steps to reproduce

I go to About on my Dynalist menu (Windows app). It tells me that I’m running Dynalist 1.3.5, and I should restart the app to upgrade to 1.3.6. And it invites me to go to the Changelog page.
I go to the Changelog page and there is no mention of 1.3.5 or 1.3.6 - or any numeric version numbers - anywhere. All I see is information about a March 2020 update, and earlier updates by month. And a link where I can go to the blog and see information about the May and April updates - which also don’t mention any version numbers. I can guess that 1.3.5 might be the May update, and 1.3.6 be June. But that’s just a guess.

Expected result

I’d love to be able to see what the changes are in the update I’m being invited to install.

Actual result

I have no idea whatsoever what’s in the new version I’m being asked to upgrade to.


Which operating system are you using? Windows, also use Android apps.
Which browser are you using? various, mustly Chrome and Firefox.
If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist? 1.3.5 Windows.

Additional comments

I’m a software developer myself. If it’s necessary to have different versioning systems for different apps (windows, android, etc.), I would still expect to somehow be given the information needed to cross-reference the versioning I’m seeing in the app to the versioning I’m seeing on the website. Perhaps the About page could say both “1.3.5” and “May 2020”?

Yeah the versioning system is certainly a bit confusing.

We have a running web version that’s identified by a build date. We also have a desktop app and 2 mobile apps, which are versioned independently, but is just a compilation of some web version.

We haven’t really put much time into writing changelogs for each and every web release, but we do a monthly update on our blog which includes everything added/changed for the month. Desktop apps and mobile apps are usually deployed a few days (sometimes a week+) later, and just includes the changes from the web app.

The changelog is something we have to manually update, so sometimes it goes out of date. I would say keeping an eye on our blog should be sufficient if you want to follow along the progress.

So then my suggestion would be to include the build date of the equivalent web release along with the version number on the About dialog for each of the apps. That should be simple to do, and would clarify things.