Using keyboard Up arrow, cannot get to the first lines of a multiline note

Steps to reproduce

  • Set Note display to “1st Line”
  • Create multi-line note as in attached screenshot
  • Start with text cursor on beginning of line 3, hit Up arrow
  • Cursor skips note lines 1 & 2 and goes straight up to main item

Expected result

  • Cursor should go to line 2, then line 1 of note

Actual result

  • Cursor skips lines


  • I originally reported this bug via email on Oct 20. At that time I was using Chrome Version 62.0.3202.62 (Official Build) (64-bit) macOS
  • Issue is still reproducible today on Firefox 57

Additional information

Additional comments

This is a really annoying bug, and I hope it gets fixed with priority.

Can repro and investigating.

Thanks for the bug report (and such a detailed one with screenshot is super hepful)!

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I can confirm this behavior on a Ubuntu machine with Chrome, Firefox, and the Dynalist app.

Funnily, this only happens if the cursor is on the very beginning of a line. I also made some gifs. :slight_smile:

I’m heavily using notes and also find this annoying. Hopefully, it’s not too hard to fix. :slight_smile:

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Same here. This behaviour actually make me go back to Workflowy, imo super annoying for anyone who is using notes heavily.

Good luck

It’s fixed already, sorry for not updating here. Are you using web or desktop app? Refresh/reload and you should get the latest version.

Forgot to update, @Alex_Pasternak @Viktor_Papara it’s fixed on my end, is it fixed for you guys?

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I have just found out myself, it’s ok!.. you are mega fast, feels ashamed :wink:
Gonna test heavily today, let you know if notes are fully alright.


Ps: sry for wierd triple posts, not sure yet what went wrong

No worries, we should’ve updated here, somehow missed it. It was a real bug before, it’s just that we patched it very recently. We should feel sorry.

Let us know if there’s still something wrong! If you find other bugs, feel free to start a new post about it.

Confirmed fixed, thanks! Please close.

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The use-case so far, works like a charm now. Thank you! :bouquet:

But it’s not over yet. :sweat:

It works perfectly if the displayed second line is actually a “real” second line by having a newline character before it.

But if the displayed second line is a soft wrap of a long first line, this bug is still there. Curiously: depending on the windows width, this bug occurs now on more than the first cursor position:

In this example, I narrowed the window just enough that the word “jumps” was barely soft-wrapped into the second line. :confused:

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I think it’s actually arguable whether a soft wrap up arrow is a bug. But comparing behavior to TextMate, a long wrapped line there does respond to up arrow, so I guess so (FWIW, Workflowy also correctly handles wrapped lines and up arrow key). It seems like a different issue though.

Well, it feels and looks exactly like the bug we were discussing here; though it very well might have a different cause. Personally, I do have a lot of soft-wrapped lines.

If the cursor jumped from the whole soft-wrapped first line to the heading node, it would be still annoying but at least consistent; but it is not. In the gif above, the first newline character is just behind "<newline>".

I’m interested what @Erica has to say about this.

If this is a feature, someone has to explain to me how I can use this productively. :smile:

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Pretty sure it’s a bug, and it seems to fit the description too.

@Shida take a look at this when you’ve got time?


Hi Viktor, thanks for perfect description of the bug. Just have found myself.

For now, the solution is to not use first line :smiley:

Gl Erica

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I got a fix for this, will deploy this soon. I actually fixed a different bug that’s very similar to this! That one is already out, but I will be fixing this soon!


The navigation within a note seems to work now. At least for the web version using Chrome and Firefox. I expect my standalone Dynalist app will update itself soon enough; although I’m using the web version more often.

Thank you so much, @Shida! :bouquet: :kissing_heart:

Your solution works and hopefully it wasn’t too hard.

I heard it was okay! Thanks for confirming the fix. Closing this :slight_smile: