Uses: at what step or stage info is at - preliminary notes on 'notes' - at what class or use of info are these

a better word than ‘info’ = is rules

  • cos rules are useful, they are actionable

  • rules are a subset of ‘info’ and the useful kind/class of info, aka:

  • info

    • rules

rules about:

1. what the ideal (of X) should be

example: humanity should be good & innovative

  • innovative - they actually do things that matters

  • good - they actually do things that leads (in an empirically measured way) to positive & good effects

2. what is doable

example: humans shouldnt set fire to random places

example: every time i use this telescope, it burns me a bit, that sucks, it is merely doable, it’s fine, make do

3. todos (actionable rules/info)

example: summarise stuff about ‘notes/info’

4. processes - steps (sequential rules / ‘sets of info’


  1. step one to saving humanity is…
  2. step two…

i dont think i missed any of the important class/kinds/types of info/lists/notes, but this is just from memory

question: if i missed any, let me know!

5. then there’s more like ‘archival’ info, facts, data - most of this is very un-helpful

  • aka: comparatively useless relative to helpful things

  • most of this becomes outdated quickly

  • like the law made in 1950s says this, and here’s all the irrelevant details about that…

  • it could be useful (very very rarely & very niche cases)

  • & mosst can be just be googled

6. something a bit more useful is summary info/notes

example: such as this post

question: if i missed any important uses for various kinds/types/class of info/lists/notes, let me know!

insignificant context

in the middle of rethinking the perfect todo method/system/etc./w/e you wanna call it

  • so jotting down preliminary notes on ‘notes’

  • also partly a response to the post from @Vincent_Tang

minior insignificant info:

i was gonna use airtable but after looking into it, it seems only helpful when,

  • you have large amounts of data

question: if i missed any important uses for various kinds/types of info/lists/notes, let me know!

oh the steps / stages of info/notes, forgot: ok so, this not important that’s why i forgot, there’s only 2 stages, this is very simple:

1. white space, where you throw in / put in info and stuff and try to make sense of things

  • (some ppl like to use the word ‘processing’ or w/e other similar things)

  • a better word is just call ‘f$$$ mess’

2. refinement, beautifying, actually useful / helpful - meaningfully pristine & nearer to ideal - good, finally good, finally helpful, finally designed

  • that’s #1-4 at top