Up arrow doesn’t move cursor to top item

Steps to reproduce

  1. Position cursor at beginning of first item
  2. Hit up arrow

Expected result

Cursor moved to document title.

Actual result




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Is this an intended change? @Erica

I’m pretty sure this is not an intended change. Workflowy doesn’t work this way. Moreover, it makes shortcuts like Ctrl-Shift-. to expand all items useless if can’t use the keyboard to first navigate to the title item.

@Erica, can you confirm?

As a workaround, use:

  1. Cursor at the beginning of first item;
  2. Left key.
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Thanks for providing this workaround!

@Yatharth_Agarwal, I can’t believe we didn’t find this bug. Will fix!


Fix is ready, and should be deployed soon.

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