Unique Use Case | Auto-Generate a Tabbed List From Any Blocks of Text

i tried pasting something from the Web, it made a flat list (not a tabbed list)

  • actually what it did was give bullet points to the paragraph,
  • which means it’s basically/essentially still the same (blocks of extremely hard to read text)
  • it did not include the images/gifs

as of the date of this post, it’s still currently #1 under the ‘good stuff’ section – ~ ** { Making Life Better } ** ~

  • a bullet point is one line/item, one note, one thing
  • a paragraph is a set of items, that’s not one item, that’s a set (it’s many overly long & wordy lines bunched up together so that all meaning is lost)
  • because some in society do not understand good UX & are backwards (they don’t actually do anything significant in life, and don’t make anything better – & more beautiful)
  • this currently does not function as it should, which is the unique value that a list gives

if i needed a word doc for blocks of text, i would use a word doc

  • Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is an exception to the norms

  • but that’s only because the maker knew how to structure – when everyone else does not

  • (tapping right, or/and double clicking on the ‘higher-level point’, to expand only the next line/point down from the highest level all the way to the end would be a great way to read that link)

  • if this was rewritten & made better with all our updated knowledge, the rule, a bullet is one line/item would be consistent

so in this case of it being a human problems (like all things), tech has to mitigate the damages caused by society/tradition/customs/conventions/habits, and the common resistance to change for the better

that’s call progress, for life, it’s a good & basic concept to understand – fully

as has always been the case over long & outdated history

i believe this use case came to me 2 or some days ago (likely not for the first time)

inspired by a comment i made somewhere here on discourse

it’s so significant i had to make a post on it

  • this would give dyna added value that is real & unique

  • which sets it apart from all the commonality in life

  • and thus would actually make life & the universe better

the new use case here would be ‘better ways of consuming information’

this is a significant value that is a current & permanent need in life

this is a worthwhile goal

there are other solutions to this need

  • but they are extensive & over the long & beautiful tomorrow

So if I understand correctly, when trying to copy an article from the web, you want the paste to reflect the tab spaces / indents, and to upload the GIFs/Images as well?

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omg… i still have over 7,000+ tabs blacklogged/saved after 6 years…

and very few of which has any new info that may be useful

and i have ~130+ tabs up at the moment

all these are in excess from where you started at 0, my life still in serious ruins…

need help

this feature may have other undiscovered use cases

but i dont think it’ll help here

because restructuring does not reduce the amount of infomation

sorry the specifics are explained in the dyna link

and in 1-line

where the first line of the relevant section

says every period

would create a new point

thus restructuring the mass blocks of text

we would need semantic analysis & npl to restructure if the text doesn’t’ use periods

nor is an invention in printed with limited printing material

relevant in the infinity of digital space

old habits & customs from eons ago shows the incredibly slow progress of humanity

in improving herself

old habits & customs die hard



the rare & remarkable few are the enlightened ones

but since we live nearer to an ML/AI univerise,

there is hope that life would be better for everyone

unless a few bad & evil humans use it for evil – (& not good) – to write blocks and blocks of mass articles/spam

since the ML/AI doesn’t have the kindergarten-level intelligence to understand the basic design concept of whitespace

and so this would lead to the production of mass amount of noise over the signal & high quality content in the universe

hopefully that isn’t happening

oh… wait…

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I see, thanks for the clarification.

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