#1 What | Are Detailed Examples Of Why Lists are Better? (Reasons Lists Are A Net Positive To Life & The Life Around You)

  • so all your friends and your kids and everyone can see why lists good

  • duplicates what other users have already said evil

  • since dyna is a list at her core, using points/lists would be helpful & nice (good)

inspired from Unique Use Case | Auto-Generate a Tabbed List From Any Blocks of Text

i could be doing something {nearer to ideal} than how i have always been doing things in my lifetime thus far

And for more fun on this subject, take a read of Fast Company’s article on the same subject How Writing To-Do Lists Helps Your Brain

  • Writing Makes Your Memory’s Job Easier
  • Planning Turns Abstract Goals Into Concrete Work
  • It Helps You Clear The Weeds You Couldn’t See
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Another article on the value of capturing information entitled “Why You Should Write Things Down” This applies to list making!


The thing is, the real reason to take notes is not to capture facts and figures. It’s much more important to leave enough information behind that you can transport yourself back to the frame of mind you were in during the experience of learning something. You can rekindle any ideas that might have been sparked as you watched the lecture or presentation. You can return to the experience and make something from it.



One big advantage I find when using Dynalist is that it’s easier to think and focus, now that you’ve transfer the stuff that needs to be remembered or taken care of to somewhere else, it gives you room to think. Our brain has a relatively fixed amount of “room”; it varies between different moods but it’s not infinite.

For me, it’s also the same feeling to see an Inbox Zero inbox vs a full inbox.


Yes, the thinking and focus aspect is so really needed. I’ve got 30 or more projects baking at any given time and get overwhelmed if the system is complex or slow.

I feel SPEED is a big advantage using Dynalist. I’m not “playing” with screens, complex buttons and feature options when working through my lists, projects and notes. (BTW I love software options and features…just not when I’m busy working!) :slight_smile:

I think the speed of finding information, creating and completing lists makes for a rewarding experience. I’m not sure other GTD apps (or task managers) will ever compete in this way.