Unexpected behavior when editing or creating a note and pressing the up key on keyboard

Steps to reproduce

When on any bullet point, press shift+enter to create a note, start writing the note a few lines long. Pressing down key inside note, make the cursor go down, pressing up, makes the edited note close and the cursor to jump back to parent bullet.

Expected result

When pressing up on keyboard in note, it should go up in the note and not assume you want to exit the note. It becomes such a irritation to write coding notes when it keeps popping out. To go up you need to use the mouse :confused:

Actual result

Jumps out of note to bullet point.


No third party scripts

I can’t seem to reproduce this in Chrome or Firefox. Does this happen to you in those browsers? Just trying to isolate the issue.

Also, do you see any red errors in the developer console after you press up arrow?

Hi @Shida, I installed Powerpack 3 third party script and this issue went away. Please leave this open for a little while, I will test it without the userscript again. Btw. thanks for the excellent software. I feel like it’s the first time I have a useful notebook.

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