Two instances of Dynalist Windows app?

Is it possible to run two instances of the Dynalist Windows app, with a different Dynalist account open in each instance?

I have two Pro accounts, one for work and one for personal stuff, and it would be nice to use the app for both. Right now, I use the app for one and the online version for the other.

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It’s not possible right now, sorry!

There’s a feature request for it though: Multiple windows for the desktop app (Windows)

Although if I understood that request correctly, it’s asking for a way to open multiple windows for the same account. Apps like Slack have features that let you switch between multiple accounts (multiple workspaces), is that what you’re looking for?

Either this (easily switching between two accounts within the same open Dynalist app), or two app windows open at the same time, but each is logged into a different account.

Thanks for the reply!