Turn calendar proximity conversion off

The calendar automatically converts dates like !(2018-04-25) into descriptors like 2 days ago, today, tomorrow, in 6 days, etc. I don’t like this feature at all. I know what day it is and prefer to view today in context (other date nodes) as opposed to a search just for ‘today’. Even more importantly it removes info that I find critical - the day of the week. It’s ironic that day of week is already in the calendar tag but it’s removed for nearby dates. This actually forces me to manually insert the day after the date once it gets near!

I have two suggestions.

  1. Turn the proximity date conversion into a setting. That way I can turn it off and others can leave it on. I’d even be happy with removing the conversion altogether.

  2. Getting fancy, turn the proximity conversion instead to a color background. One example: Give the current date a yellow background so it’s easy to find. Make tomorrow green and shade the next week out in lighter shades of green. Make yesterday a light red and shade early days of the week successively redder.

Pro users can customize how dates are displayed in Dynalist (“Date display format” Pro setting).

Yeah, what @Francisco_Barros pointed.

We’re currently showing relatively dates (what you call calendar proximity) for dates that just passed or will come up in the near future, to make them more human friendly. I guess it’s different for everyone, we assumed it’s most people’s preference.

Also because most of the sites start to use “5 days ago” instead of “2018/04/21” these days.