Translations - Language option

Eng: Hi,

Your product is so good. I love it!

If ever you will consider the option of adding improvements as language choice…
Just add me to the list of potential volunteer translator, where can I sign up?

Everybody can add here their own rethink about Language Features.

  • Fo me it’s problem when i want to create Polish letter “ć” which is “Alt + c”
  • Language option and the volunteer (who watch and raport those problems) can be good solution.

PL: Cześć!
Miłosz Miśta

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Oh Gosh,

##There is solution for Poland!#

On main page go to:
Settings [wheal] > Preferences [Bookmark] > Input [Title] > Keyboard layout [drop-down list]

###There is also optional:

  • English [ United States ]
  • French [ France ]
  • Polish [ Poland ]
  • German [ Germany ]
  • Czech [ Czech Republic ]

Miłosz Miśta [i12b3]

Glad you found the solution! That’s what I was about to suggest as well.

That’s a great idea, we should start thinking about this. I have to say global expansion is not our priority, since we have so much to do product wise, but it’s not bad to start thinking about it :slight_smile: