Transclusion/clone (display item in multiple places)

Any updates on this GREAT feature?


Yes, I’d like to hear more about progress with this. I read the blogs each month hoping for news as the ability to include an item in more than one place would be extremely valuable to me.

Is it coming soon? :pray:

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Yes, I´m hoping, too!! One reason less to move to Roam Research… :wink:

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It’s a top candidate but they haven’t committed yet:

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I logged into the forum to post an idea that has been on my mind for Dynalist for some time and I think this is pretty much it.

I would like to be able to display a clone of another item anywhere within Dynalist … but further I would like to be able to define a search and have that show up anywhere I link to it. I know it might be hard to make usable and understandable but conceptually it would be very very useful.

I track multiple projects I’m working on, it just works for my brain to have an item or document for a project, then just start to break it down, different phases, different tasks, notes, reminders. it works kinda well. Where it gets me in trouble is when I need to look for common things across projects. I don’t do GTD but along those lines … things due this week, quick emails or calls etc etc. It is possible to create a bookmarked search for different aspects … but then you have to go through and click on each bookmark. I would love to be able to create a separate document and then link in the bookmarked searches that are appropriate for me … being able to expand them and edit them in place.

I have tried Todoist for a while, it’s not bad in terms of letting me enter things ‘top down’ or organise by project and the pick up a date or priority based view … but I just end up back on Dynalist. Dynalist lets me actually get more things down, it’s easier to organise and reorganise my thoughts, so it just works better for me. But i really miss being able to create this central view that allows me to look across my projects.

Apologies if this doesn’t make all that much sense.
… but if you were do do the Clone feature, it could be useful, for me it would be really really really useful if I could ‘clone’ in a bookmarked search


Yes, cloning and a second pane. So I can see p.e. on the right my projects and can move (clone) my project tasks to my “calendar” or I have my life areas and can clone my projects to the project list and so on…


I fully agree to your post!


this would solve a LOT of problems for me!

currently i have my main todo in its own document and then every hobby gets a separate document, programming, photography etc where i will add any random idea i have for those projects. any time i actually start working on one of them i will create a [[ link in my todo list document… but i usually have another todo list inside of each project idea so if i want to see that i need to click the link which takes me away from my main todo list

really, just being able to expand and glance at whats in linked item would be enough for my use case

as for whether to delete other clones as well, im not sure actually. but if there is a reference of each clone then there could be a dialog box asking whether you want to delete the others as well. that might be a way to keep everyone happy

@Erica this is an old post, but still has life and breadth in it. Any chance of seeing this feature? (Embedding lists within lists, embedding searches into existing list).

This I feel is a big big way of making Dynalist unique from other tools and for me, as lists get larger and more spread out, a way to consolidate data into simpler views.

But now after two years and lots of discussion, it seems the idea is dead. Or is it? It would just be useful to know.

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Well, I sure hope it’s not dead! Every time I see the monthly update in my inbox, I hope it’s announcing cloning/transclusion.


Agreed same goes for me.

Yes I look for the same thing. Its difficult to use as a time manager without the ability to bring various nodes together into one view. I look every month for it as well.

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Me too.

Not dead, but requires a lot of work to be implemented. Would be much easier if we considered this from the very beginning, but based on the current architecture, the codebase needs to be majorly rewritten.

I wouldn’t say it’s dead, this rewriting is still blocking both transclusion and split screen. Will report back when we have an update.

Side question: do you guys think it’s fair to consider this a power user feature and thus make it Pro-only?

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Side question answer: I think the free version is extremely, possibly too generous IMHO. I (re)subscribed because I got too much use out of it to use it for free, and I wanted the keystroke mapping for ‘copy link’! Cloning - and backlinks - are both things that would have also convinced me to pay out for, but maybe you need to consider that most Pro features are functional rather than the behaviour/content of the lists themselves, like cloning would be.


Side question answer: transclusion is absolutely pro. I would consider extending the pro trial to 30 days, because such kind of features and the overall adoption of Dynalist takes some time to be fully appreciated in my opinion: one needs the time to try something else and understand the value of your product. :wink:


@Erica I can fully understand that these concepts are hard to add to a data model after. For being an outliner and list manager, Dynalist has really hit the mark with perfection and few can touch it. What is even more amazing is its done by a small team of pro’s. So respect! I think this is a question if you want to continue to be just a GREAT outliner, or if you want to really extend into a new class of tools people are looking for that help them think. Not just capture notes or make lists, but THINK. This is where Dynalist comes to a halt. I say this because…

I have been using Roam now for a month. As an outliner, its inferior. But its functional. However, for knowledge capture, linking and thinking, its a very powerful model. It changes the way you think about capturing information, connecting it, mixing it and reusing it. What is the point to capture info if you can’t reuse it. I really like this concept (linked to Evergreen notes).

So the editor/outliner is weak, but the underlying database, with transclusion (embedding/linking) and back linking is years ahead of the document centric model used by Dynalist (and to an extent Workflowy). This is not meant as a criticism of Dynalist, but just a statement how the models are different.

I don’t think people are going to be just looking for an outliner anymore (which is what let me to Dynalist), but looking for tools that help them think. (Obsidian is breed of this new tool, but lacking outlining and also is desktop centric).

Dynalist UI, with Roam engine, that would be a match made in heaven.

I wish you would also open-source dynalist UI :wink: but we don’t get everything we want in life.

For transclusion, backlinks and a plugin API I would very happily pay a pro price, and even a more expensive pro price.

I think your development efforts would have been better spent on Dynalist than obsidian. Dynalist could be extended to be a hybrid of dynalist and obsidian key features, and being a real competitor to roam. Outliner is the secret sauce that makes te roam database and its advanced features so approachable.

Your team has done great work. Sorry if any my observations sound negative, but after being a long-time dynalist user and short-term roam user, I can say it will be hard to stick with Dynalist if it remains an outliner.


I’ll respectfully disagree with Chris. I’ve briefly tried Roam, and whilst I wouldn’t say I’ve had that “aha” moment which Roam devotees seem to have had, I understand the differences in its concepts and how it’s used. It’s powerful but an outline fits my mental model better for some reason. Maybe it’s because I just know where everything is in an outline.

I’d be cautious of trying to make one great product be a bad imitation of another, in an attempt to overcome the weaknesses of a competitor (the UI) experienced by its users. There’s room for both, and whilst a large overlap in target users and uses exists so Dynalist will lose some customers to Roam along the way, it doesn’t mean there’s “one true way” that both should be converging towards. I can create tables with numbers and sums in MS Word, but it doesn’t make it MS Excel.

So for things like cloning I can see a huge benefit of this in an outliner application, not just to try and copy Roam, and not that it should be part of a move away from an outliner model.

I do kind of agree with Chris on Obsidian: it could be a breeding ground of ideas that make it into Dynalist, but there’s a huge amount on the Dynalist roadmap that would be great to see, and you can only spread yourselves so thin.


@Stuart_Gibbons, good counterpoints! Thank you for more perspective on the matter.

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This is exactly how I felt. Actually, I came to Dynalist to help me think. I secretly was looking for something like Roam.
In fairness, Roam is not even perfect. Something is missing.
That where Remnote offers something quite interesting. It is not only about “thinking” but “learning” which may fit more with my mental model.

Side question: yes should definitely be a pro feature.

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