Greetings y’all! I’m new here. In the late 80s and early 90s I used to be a power user of ThinkTank, one of the earliest commercial outliners on PCs. You can read about it and even download the last working version at:

Even though ThinkTank was character-based it was feature-rich and elegantly powerful. I loved it and used it every day, ultimately creating a single huge outline within which I literally put almost everything in my life so as to be more organized and productive. Over the years, I have looked for outliners that could replace all of the key features that I used intensively in ThinkTank, particularly the so-called ‘cloning’ feature. Maybe I did not look thoroughly enough, but I never found a new outliner to love and use like ThinkTank. Today I want to pick up ‘life-outlining’ close to where I left it back in the 90s and take it well beyond the for its time impressive capabilities of ThinkTank. I’ve looked at a quite a few and so far Dynalist is the one that comes closest for me even though, to my knowledge (I looked), Dynalist does not offer ‘cloning’ as a feature.

For a great discussion of the numerous benefits of ‘cloning’ as well as a review of a selection of old, defunct and contemporary outliners supporting cloning please see:

All of which brings me to my two questions re new(-ish) features for Dynalist:

CLONING – AFAIK, the ‘linking’ feature --two square brackets-- of Dynalist does not equate to the cloning feature of ThinkTank or other outliners that support(ed) cloning. So my questions (to the developers of Dynalist) are: does Dynalist support (ThinkTank-style) cloning? If so, what is this feature called in Dynalist and how does one use it in Dynalist? If Dynalist does not support cloning at this time, (when) will you add this important and powerful feature? Any chance you could prioritize and fast-track the addition of this feature over (some of the) other features that you are (planning) to add?

What do you think? Wouldn’t cloning be a fantastic feature for Dynalist (Pro)?


I like the idea of cloning!