Top result not the default when navigating with ctrl+o

Steps to reproduce

Press ctrl+o, start typing the name of a location in your Dynalist

Expected result

Top result is highlighted, if I hit enter, I go to the top result.

Actual result

A result several spots down the list is highlighted, I have to hit the up arrow key several times to get to the top result.


Latest Chrome, Windows 10.

Additional information

This only happens sometimes. I have no idea what triggers it; only that once in a while it starts happening and screws up my attempts to navigate. Of course, now that I’m writing a bug report, it’s not doing it, but I’ll try to capture next time I see it. It’s been happening for a while, though I don’t have a record of just how long.

Additional comments

I see what it is now. When my cursor is near enough the top of the screen and the drop-down list is long enough, my cursor hovers over an item, even though I’m not touching the mouse. Dynalist then highlights the option under my cursor rather than the top option.

This is pretty confusing because I usually don’t even know where the mouse cursor is - it disappears when I’m using Dynalist. Then when I ctrl+o the cursor seemingly pops back into existence and highlights something, but I don’t know ahead of time whether it’s going to do this.

Would it be possible to make the cursor appear and highlight things only if it has moved after starting a search, not as soon as the search is initiated?

Oh, I see it’s the same this this bug report:

Hi Mark, I’m happy to see that you figured out the cause of the issue on your own, nice detective work! :male_detective:

We hope to work on this in the near future. Going to close this as duplicate, thanks for taking the time to report this! :slight_smile:

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