Auto-completion selection vs. mouse cursor

During auto-completion, whenever the mouse cursor happens to be in the area of the auto-completion popup, the entry under the mouse cursor is highlighted - even if the mouse has not been moved.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Type [[a (or any other letter) to start auto-completion.
  2. Move mouse cursor over third item of the auto-completion popup.
  3. Hit [Backspace] to abort auto-completion.
  4. Type a (or any other letter) to re-start auto-completion.

Expected result

The first auto-completion entry should be highlighted.

Actual result

The third auto-completion entry is highlighted.


Win 10 Pro x64, Chrome 62.0.3202.94 x64

Hi @Lukas, sorry for the very late reply.

I can repro this and have added it to our to fix list. Thanks for the bug report!

Hi @Lukas,

This should be fixed on the web app now, coming to desktop app soon!

Unfortunately cannot confirm this. Tried refreshing/restarting browser/clearing cache, but to no avail.

The Weekly update: 2018 week #10 was just posted and states this is issue fixed for the file finder and item finder. And indeed it is!

However, for inserting internal links with [[ the problem still persists.


Gotcha, going to fix that next :slight_smile:

Can confirm this is fixed now, thanks! :+1:

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