Too easy to accidentally delete items in the mobile (ios) app!


I do like the new swipe function in the mobile app. But - and there is a big but - it is now very easy to delete things by swiping, and I have now several times happened to delete big parts of my lists without even noticing before later! And this is NOT good - it is too easy to lose important information without being able to retrieve it if you haven´t got the back-up otion (which luckily I had, but it is somewhat time-consuming to having to reinsert big lists from the back-up file anyway).
So - is it possible to for instance make archiving a swiping option as other have mentioned, and making it possible to choose between archiving and deleting in the settings?
Perhaps making the swiping act slower, so that it is not so easy to swipe by mistake?
Or getting a warning pop-up or something like it before you delete?

I will be happy to hear what you think of this.



Workflowy, for example, requires another tap after swipe to delete. In my view, delete confirmation should be configurable. Switched on to prevent accidental deletion, switched off to make it convenient when deleting a number of items in succession when reorganizing your outline.


I think so, too.
I often delete an item by mistake, and I try to undo it, but it takes time and effort to undo it on mobile.

For example, can you add an undo button to the toolbar so we can easily undo it when we accidentally delete an item ?


Thanks for the feedback! Personally I haven’t run into this, my finger motions are mostly vertical when using Dynalist, because there’s no horizontal overflow. I do sometimes accidentally complete items, because I was trying to drag out the pane on the left.

I would be curious to know more about the accidents. Are you guys trying to read the text when the accidental deletion happens? Or when you’re not actually using the phone, like how you would pocket dial someone?


Archiving is its entire thing, unfortunately, and there are lots of details we haven’t figured out. It also overlaps too much with completing an item.

We might make swiping options customizable, but we won’t add archive items for fixing this issue.


There’s a Undo button at the top too bar, do you see that on your app? It’s on the right hand side of the top toolbar.


It can happen when attempting to edit text on ios . When one long presses on the screen to activate the magnifying glass that lets you find the exact spot to enter a correction, and dragging the magnifying glass. This can trigger the delete swipe if you are not careful (my devices are a few years old, so they might not be the quickest to respond).


As you mentioned, I sometimes accidentally complete or delete item when I try to open or close the left side pane.

I also do that when I put my finger on the text and move my finger to right or left in order to reach exact word in order to edit the item.


Thank you for your reply.
I knew the Undo button and I could see that on my app.

When using Dynalist, I search for something and then use it in an extracted state.
In that case, the toolbar is hidden by the search term, so I have to cancel the search to display the Undo button.

Dynawrite, which I often use, has its original toolbar, and there are Undo, Redo, Back, Forward, and Reload buttons.
Of course, it can be used in the extracted state and it is very useful.

That is why I proposed that such a function could be implemented in Dynalist.