Toggl integration for time tracking

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Having a Toggl button that automatically fills in the description information from the item would be useful for project management/to-do lists in Dynalist (as for WorkFlowy). The workaround of course is to use the Toggl browser button, but I think it’s an easy integration to implement and would make tracking a bit more of a no-brainer.


This should be possible to implement with Dynalist and Toggle APIs I think.

I don’t know enough programming to do this easily, but maybe someone else is up for making a plugin?

@Louis_Kirsch @Daniel_Wirtz @rawbytz


I looked at the API and it’s definitely doable. But still some work and I can’t make the time for it. But I would also say this is a bit of a niche case and not of a lot of value for the Dynalist user base.