Timestamping with a shortcut key

I am using Dynalist with an emphasis on client followup, and was wondering if timestamping is or would be possible. I would really like to hit a shortcut key for a timestamp so that, as an example:

  • John Smith #client
    • 9/19/17 01:34PM Called John, confirmed appointment

This would be really useful so I can have notes on follow-ups and contacts in general as needed, again if this can be done I’m newer to Dynalist so I’d love to be informed, thank you!

In the meantime, you might want to try Phrase Express, which can time stamp anywhere with a keyboard shortcut.

Looks like you don’t want to create a Dynalist native date? (Or maybe you’re not aware of it?)

If you only want the date, you can press ! and then Enter to insert today’s date. There’s no way to also stamp the current time, unfortunately.

Thanks, this isn’t anything critical just something I’m used to from previous software. I didn’t even think of trying the native date, I will use that then. Cheers

Cool. Do you think the time part is absolutely essential or can I mark this as resolved?

I have a template of most of the dynalist-specific phrase express examples that I’ve made + other users made here, with references to each forum post link on the reasoning behind each of them

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Thanks Vincent I am going to try that out. Erica this can be marked resolved thank you.

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Can you please elaborate on how I can insert NOW() using shortcuts? I can’t find anything other than this very old post to answer that question.

Do you have Phrase Express installed? Probably best to ask on their forum. It would detect when you type NOW() and replace it with the current time, in any app you’re using.